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What is a Podcast?

A podcast is essentially an internet radio show.  However, unlike traditional radio shows, anyone with a microphone can create a podcast.  Also, because they don’t have to worry about sponsors or the FCC they can cover an infinitely wide range of topics.

How do you subscribe to the podcast?

Most podcast listeners subscribe to their favorite podcast rather than only checking a podcast’s website. This way whenever a podcast updates they automatically receive the new episode hassle free.

Subscribing is simple.  Most people subscribe to their podcasts through Itunes. Simply search the name of the podcast you’re looking for and click subscribe. Easy. 

How do you subscribe to The Fantasy Movie Podcast? Simply copy and paste this RSS url into your favorite podcatcher (Itunes, Juice etc..): http://thepoweroffriendship.libsyn.com/rss

And tada! You’re subscribed! No hassles, money, or sacrafices of first born children required!

The Hosts


Kasey is a thirty something long time anime fan and all around lady geek.  She’s been an anime fan for over twenty years and has seen some interesting highs and lows throughout the fandom.  She has been a fantasy fan all her life and was allowed to watch The Last Unicorn so many times as a child that it might count as child abuse.  As a fan of video games, fantasy books, anime, manga, superhero comics (go Deadpool and Booster Gold!), former Star Wars fan, and reluctant fan of Star Trek she’s an all around geek.  Kasey has a degree in Communications and so is not even remotely qualified to talk about fantasy movies with any kind of authority.  She’s also the main producer of the podcast which she isn’t qualified to do either.


–  Melanie has been Kasey’s friend since high school and has agreed to periodically watch stupid movies and review them on the podcast all in the name of friendship.  She studied video game design in college so she can say lots of smart stuff about computer graphics that often confuses Kasey in its smartness.  She’s been an anime fan since high school, including an active member of the yaoi fangirl community.  She’s an artist at heart who draws what she feels in her soul, or something like that.

7 thoughts on “About Us

  1. BEHOLD OGRE MAGE! Los Angeles’ premiere fantasy rock band!

    We’re spreading the word far and wide of the release of our first official video, “Lady of the Land”:


    If you like our blend of classic rock and fantasy influences, we’d love to be a guest on your podcast some time.


    • Because that is the stupidest and MOST NERDIEST name I have ever heard of for a band, the level of nerd that will get the utter crap beat out of you if you ever walk by a car show, you get your spam comment approved.

      Because damn, that’s a lot of nerd.

  2. I would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I like listening to podcasts and especially the ones about fantasy, animé and other such topics. I started listening to yours a while back and liked it a lot. Maybe you’re not podcasting anymore and are up to something else that is fun. I’ve been thinking about doing a podcast myself and haven’t come to what I would like to podcast about. If I do you were inspiring so thanks.
    Have a great Christmas, thank you. Greetings from Karolina.

    • I got a little discouraged because I very rarely got even feedback about the podcast, and usually not as nicely thought out as what you left me. Thank you. That was a great Christmas present to receive. We actually have tons of episodes on the back burner, I just got super unmotivated to edit the episode. I think I need to be less stringent on editing so they don’t take so darn long and maybe I can start getting them out again.

      Merry Christmas!

  3. Hello :) Merry Christmas to you to. Thank you for the reply. It was very kind. I liked your podcasts and thought it had some nice insights and a light spirited humour.
    Looking forward to any other podcasts.
    I know how time consuming editing can be.
    I’m sick at the moment, typical winter and listening to podcasts is good while getting better.
    May the new year bring blessings to you and your loved ones.
    I wish you all the best, greetings from Karolina and a Happy New Year.

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