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Tinman is a 2007 Syfy Miniseries directed by Nick Willing.  It is loosley based on L. Frank Baum’s Oz book series.  Very loosely.

The miniseries has great production values, intriguing writing, and most of the cast are talented.  Zooey Deschanel gives an odd almost autistic portrayal of the main character D.J.  I’m not sure if she was directed that way or if it’s just Zooey Deschanel being Zooey Deschanel.  The rest of the cast is fantastic, particularly Neal McDonough and Kathleen Robertson.

The world building rivals a Hollywood film.  Everything in the world, from the steampunk technology to the rare glimpse of magic fits well into the world. The technology, politics, history, etc of the O.Z. is well thought out and has its own internal logic.  The world feels like it could really work.

The miniseries updates the world of the O.Z (pronounced ‘Oh Zee’) without disrespecting the original.  There are a lot of homages to the original books and films some obvious, some not.  You can tell there’s a real reverence to the source material.

The miniseries is easy to obtain.  It’s often on Netflix Instant Watch in the U.S. and readily available on blu ray and DVD in most countries.  Check it out, you won’t be disappointed.


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7 thoughts on “Tinman


    FINE! I pick a regular user name. *grumblegrumbleNaziDoucheBaggrumble*
    I love Tinman. For some reason, it’s become that one dvd that you know you have but can never find for me. We watch it, sit it down, lose it for 6 months. I don’t know what happens to it?
    Thanks for giving some insight into the show.

    ps wheres my free shit?!?

  2. What free thing do you want? I’ve got some anime dvds and a few fantasy books. I can always give whatever thing you pick to Melanie to pass it along to you.

  3. Really like this podcast and this episode was entertaining as always. The listeners will probably come so don’t get discuraged and keep up the good work 😀

  4. Tinman sounds interesting, but it seems like the title character isn’t really the focus based on your review, which makes me wonder why they called it that (apart from being a more original title than something with Oz in it). Is this something you would recommend for someone like me, who barely remembers the Wizard of Oz movie and has not read any of the books?

    About the review mentioning the spoilers in the Soul Eater episode, I fear that reviewer is correct, there is no spoiler warning at the beginning. But why would you listen to a 40 minute-long podcast about something if you don’t want to be spoiled at all? Looking over your episode index I also noticed that you’re missing three of your early episodes, the shoujo, shonen and expiration date ones. I liked those. :-( Thankfully I have them saved to my hard drive, but others can’t listen to them.

    BTW, ietquay aboutway ethay unicornsway. Otherwise everybody will come here and want one. 😉

    • Shoot. I must have taken out the warning in the Soul Eater episode when I re-edited the episodes (I’ve been going through and taking out where we said the old podcast name and url). I re-edited it again and a fixed episode is uploading as I type this. I better remember to apologize on the next episode we record, though.

      Those lost episodes are a result of me re-branding the podcast too. I thought there were too many non-fantasy episodes in a row for us to be calling ourselves a fantasy podcast. I planned on sparsing them out again amonst the regular episodes as specials. I admit, I totally forgot about that or I would have done that last month. Melanie’s father is having some serious health problems so I don’t know when she’ll be able to record. I might just upload one of them tonight (after its been re-edited).

      About Tinman… hmm. I think you would still enjoy it. It’s a fun fantasy story. The in-jokes are the type of jokes that don’t detract from the story or leave you confused if you don’t understand the reference. I wouldn’t recommend you buy it though. However, if you have a way to rent or borrow it, I think you’d enjoy it.

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