The Nightmare Before Christmas

Nightmare Before ChristmasI did it! Somehow, barely, I got the Nightmare Before Christmas episode out before Christmas.   It’s a holiday miracle!

The Nightmare Before Christmas is a stop motion animated feature directed by Henry Selick with music by Danny Elfman.   Tim Burton wrote the original three page narrative poem the story is based on, and also created the character designs for the main characters.

The story is pretty simple and straight-forward.   Jack is the Pumpkin King and the leader of Halloween town.   Halloween town is a mystical realm that’s dedicated to running Halloween across the mortal world.   One day after Halloween, Jack starts to get emo and decides he needs a change.   He accidently wanders into Christmas town and decides that he’d like to try  Christmas out instead.   Problem is, he and the rest of the people of Halloween town can’t quite mentally grasp a holiday that’s about good will and cheer…   Also he has to kidnap Santa Claus.   For his own good.

Melanie’s side of the audio sounds pretty horrible.   Her new laptop defaulted back to the built in microphone instead   of the good standalone one we usually use.    We had no idea the  quality had been borked until I started to edit it and then it was either put out borked  sound or miss the Christmas deadline.   Hopefully it’s still entertaining.


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4 thoughts on “The Nightmare Before Christmas

  1. I thought Melanie’s sound wasn’t that bad. After reading your warning I thought it would be hard to understand but it wasn’t.

    Halloween is my favorite holiday anyway so this movie is great for me. I remember when it came out there was some controversy about it being scary, but by today’s standards it’s pretty tame, I think. I also remember when it came out the toys didn’t sell very well and they were all marked down.

    Thanks again for another great episode!

    – Jeff

    • Thanks for replying Jeff! Hmm I need to update your website link on my sidebar…

      I wonder if that disclaimer about Melanie’s sound audio was a mistake? The downloads were way down last month.

  2. Melanie sounds okay, not as bad as I expected.

    I don’t think I quite agree with you on Corpse Bride being better than NBC. Maybe the plot for CB wasn’t as stretched, but song wise NBC is much better. The songs are more memorable and catchier. Of course if you don’t like people breaking into song all the time, CB is the better pick since there aren’t as many of them.

    posted by: Tora_Chan on 2011-01-05 08:17:45

    • Song wise NBC is defintily superior to Corpse Bride. I agree with you there. I think Corpse Bride would have been better off without any songs in it at all, imho. I’m really biased though, since I’m not a fan of musicals all that much.

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