The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Movie PosterThe League of Extraordinary Gentlemen is a film adaption of an Alan Moore comic about classic book characters who team up to save the world.   It stars Sean Connery as Allan Quatermain (a book character that no one but Alan Moore remembered) and some other people play a vampire, invisible man, Captain Nemo, Dorian Gray, Tom Sawyer, and Dr Jekyll/Hyde.

This is a  fun but rather shallow action movie.  It was a request from regular listener Charlie.    On reflection,  he might have been referring to the comics but he needs to differentiate better next time.   Although we’re lazy so we might not have read the comics.   Still, we don’t regret watching this movie and its a fun romp the first time through.   Its worth watching at least once if you can see it on television or borrow it from a friend, but don’t pay any extra money for it.

This was recorded several weeks ago, so if you left feedback since then for the Tangled episode it hasn’t been ignored.   Your feedback will be read and discussed during the next episode.


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4 thoughts on “The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

  1. Actually, I was talking about the movie. Despite all of it’s flaws, I still find the movie to be very charming. Maybe it’s the fact that there are very few steampunk films out there.

    I’ve haven’t read the books. But, I’ve read other Alan Moore books and he’s a really great writer. Especially Watchmen (for which he won a goddamn Hugo Award for!) and The Killing Joke. But this is his thing. Taking preexisting characters and re-imagining them. Like in his Lost Girl graphic novel where he took the females characters from classics and had them tell sexcapades. And Watchmen was originally supposed to be a reboot or sorts for older-out-of-print superheros, but DC changed their minds early on and he had to create similar original characters.

    Also, from my understanding, this movie is the reason he doesn’t like the adaptations and refuses to allow his name to be on them (instead they are usually attributed to the illustrator of the book). Apparently, some guy sued him, claiming that the studio payed Moore to create the book so that they didn’t have to pay him for his screenplay that they turned down. The studio did nothing to help out Moore. So he’s been bitter ever since.

    • I guess I can understand why he was upset about Watchmen. I dunno, I’ve been rolling my eyes at his work ever since I read some Swamp thing. The Gothic PD would never arrest a woman for making it with swamp thing. Why would they give a damn she ate his magic ballsack fruit when they’ve got more important things to worry about like the joker gassing hundreds of people or murderous mutant crocodile men crawling out of the sewers.

  2. I haven’t read the comics this movie is based on or seen the movie, so I can’t really say anything about them. Based on your review I guess I’m not really missing anything by not seeing this movie.

    As for Alan Moore, no matter what you think of him and his works, without him there wouldn’t be DC’s sub-label Vertigo Comics. They created it after he started writing for Swamp Thing (which he didn’t invent, just took over), because his work was so explicit. And let’s face it Vertigo has released tons of awesome stuff: Sandman, Fables, Y – The Last Man, Transmetropolitian, House of Mystery, Hellblazer and of course Alan Moore’s own stuff like V for Vendetta, Watchmen or From Hell.

    As for Shamanic Princess, yeah it’s kind of confusing, especially since episode 5 and 6 take place before episode 1 to 4. According to Wikipedia though it is a stand alone story, not based on a light novel or manga.

    • I do appreciate in theory the overall atmosphere that Alan Moore helped create (although I think comics now have went too far into being extreme) but it’s just…. magic Swamp thing ballsack fruit. I can’t get over it…

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