The Dark Crystal

I apologize for the podcast being released a week late.   I don’t have an excuse beyond me being confused about what week it was; oops.   I’m going to attempt to release another episode next week to make up for the lost time.   We have several recorded, it’s simply a matter of me editing the darn things.

Dark Crystal Movie PosterThis  episode is a  special request from listeners Monica G and Tora-chan.   We review the 1982 fantasy movie The Dark Crystal.   The Dark Crystal is an all puppet movie directed by Jim Henson and Frank Oz.   Although this is a typical nostalgia geek movie, neither Melanie nor I had seen this movie prior to reviewing it.

The plot goes like this; Two good puppets who are the last of their puppet race must set forth on a perilous journey to defeat other evil and less pretty puppets and restore peace to their world.

Melanie also makes me admit that if  Bill Murray and I  were the last humans on earth I would utilize him in repopulating the earth. Thanks a lot for asking that Mel.

If you have a request for an anime or movie you’d like to hear us review, please send us an email or leave a comment  on this  post!


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5 thoughts on “The Dark Crystal

  1. Nice podcast, felt a bit shorter than usual, though.

    I’m not sure how this is going to sound, but I love your accents. English isn’t even my first language, and where I live there aren’t enough people for complex things like accents to evolve. Like, hearing you pronounce things like ‘anime’ and ‘manga’ is just awesome. (And that probably sounds like an insult, even though it isn’t ment to be… I have no sense of tact.)
    I was wondering, how about reviewing Avatar: The Last Airbender? Yeah, I know, plenty of people insist it ain’t an anime ’cause it’s not Japanese an’ all, but I don’t care much either way. Of course, that depends on if you’ve seen it or not, since it’s kinda much to watch compared to a movie or something.
    Or Brother Bear. It’s a kids movie, but you’ve done a few of those anyway, and I’ve always found it impressive how Disney managed to make a film devoid of romance and a classical villain, and, of course the internal struggle thing is to be remarked upon.

    • Hi Sylvia, thanks for replying!

      I’m not insulted. I also think it’s neat to hear accents that are different than your own. I’m sure you and the people who live near you have interesting accents too, you just don’t realize it! lol I hope we’re not too hard to understand sometimes. I know I often slur my words.

      Hmm, Brother Bear is a good idea. It’s something I’ve always wanted to see. I didn’t see it when it was new because it came out after I was “over” cartoons. For some reason when I was eleven I thought I was really mature. Go figure.

      We both have seen all of Avatar the Last Airbender and liked it a lot. I don’t own the series anymore though… It’s also really long and thus, rather intimidating to review. I’ll have to run this idea by Mel and see what she thinks.

      Thank you again for your comments!

  2. Yay, Dark Crystal review! Thanks for fulfilling my request. I admit though, I’m a bit sad you two didn’t enjoy it that much, but I guess nostalgia clouds my judgment of this movie a bit. Because you’re totally right about Jen being a boring, passive protagonist, which is why I prefer Kira too. And yeah, the plot isn’t all that exiting, but the visuals and puppetry are still awesome even to this day.

    Well, can’t wait to hear your Turtles review, especially since I recently re-watched the movie.

  3. I re-watched this recently, and I agree with you about the flatness of Kira’s and Gen’s faces – it’s hard to feel very strongly about a blank palette. I actually thought that of the Mystics too, a little bit. It’s not like they do very much but walk across the plains, very slowly.

    But I thought the backgrounds were awesome – sure, some were obviously painted, but some of the woodland details were so carefully laid out.

    My favorite character was Aughra – anybody notice she looks like Della Reese? – a bit Yoda-like in her speech, but someone who could totally take care of herself.

    Maybe they talked too much at the beginning and not enough at the end about harmony and duality.

    Anyway, thanks for the cast. :)

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