The Addam’s Family

The Addams Family Movie Poster They’re creepy, they’re cooky, they’re altogether ooky they’re The Addams Family!

This was meant to come out in October, but since it took me so long to make the website you’re getting it now.  The Addams Family is about family though and Thanksgiving is about family (well in the U.S. at least) so that sort of fits right? Maybe?

The Addams Family is a 1991 film directed  by Barry Sonnenfeld that’s loosely based on the 1960s television series and on Charles Addams Original comics.  The Addams Family is a group of macabre, gothic, and possibly nigh invulnerable family who enjoy such wholesome pastimes as sword fighting, knife throwing, torturing their siblings, keeping lions as pets, and reveling in the forces of darkness.  In this adaption, Uncle Fester shows up on their doorstep with amnesia after having disappeared for decades.  Only, he thinks he’s not Uncle Fester but a guy named Gordon whose going to con them out of their fortune.  It’s kind of like the plot of Anastasia only you know, evil.

The Addams Family holds up really well to this day and the whole franchise in general is still awesome as far as we’re concerned.  You can watch several episodes legally on youtube here. The original series is also all available on Netflix as of this recording.  The movies themselves (The Addams Family and its sequel The Addams Family Values) can be easily obtained usually in a fairly cheap combo pack.

On a random note, during this episode Melanie was wondering if the boy who played the human version of Casper (which also starred Christina Ricci) grew up to be a hot man.

Picture of Devon Sawa

Devon Sawa. Hot dude.

During the podcast she was unable to find a picture, but I was able to find one now.  And the answer is yes, he DID grow to be a hot man. lol.






Next Episode:  Sleepy Hollow.  A request by Monica G and also it makes this an unintentional month of Christina Ricci on the Fantasy Movie Podcast.

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8 thoughts on “The Addam’s Family

  1. Love this movie and almost everything Addam’s (except that stupid Addam’s Family Reunion with Tim Curry and Darrah Hannah as Gomez and Morticia).
    The main difference between this movie and most other versions of the Addam’s Family is that Fester is Gomez’ brother. In the old television series, he was Morticia’s uncle. A fact that always confused me, when we would watch the t.v. series on Nick At Night. The New Addam’s Family show was basically a remake of the original ’60 show.
    I really liked all of the things from the series that were kept, like never showing the pet lion.
    And being a guy born in the eighties, and being a big geek, I had a huge crush on Christina Ricci. Too bad it seems (to me, anyway) to play mostly addicts.

    • Oh I hated Addams Family Reunion! God, what a terrible movie… I rented it back when it first came out and I couldn’t even watch the whole thing. We talked about that when we recorded, but I can’t remember if I took it out or not…

      I feel like I should hunt the remake series down and watch a little bit of it…

      Eh, I don’t think everything Christina Ricci plays is addicts. Penelope was good. Ghost World was at least interesting… There was a werewolf movie she was in that was fun. She seems to be a bit like Johnny Depp in that she cherry picks her roles so she can play odd characters. I guess she likes the challenge?

      Hmm, I hope you get an email notification of my reply. I wasn’t sure if I’ve got all the kinks worked out yet.

      • She’s been in a few where she does play addicts, Fear and Loathing in Las Vagas (another one with Depp), Prozac Nation, The Opposite of Sex (I think she’s a sex addict in that one, but I couldn’t watch the whole thing, so I’m not sure) and Black Snake Moan (awesome movie! She plays the sex addled girlfriend of Justin Timberlake, who is a surprisingly good actor, who is cured by Sam Jackson and the blues).
        And she wasn’t in Ghost World. That was Scarlet Johannson and Thora Birch.
        And I haven’t seen Penelope. That’s the one where she has a pig nose right?

  2. Oh, I love the Addams Family movies, I’m glad you did this episode. Any chance you might do the sequel too? I totally agree that these movies hold up very well, they’re still fun and not dated. And I adored Wednesday Addams too.
    Good thing they picked Angelica Houston for the role of Morticia and not Cher. She just gives the character a special classy something. Speaking of her, how about a review of The Witches?
    Anyway, great episode and love the new website

    • We’re defintily doing the Addams Family sequel someday. Up next we’re recording an episode about the miniseries Tinman. Coming out next on the podcast will be a Sleepy Hollow episode that we’ve already recorded. So maybe in January? I was watching clips of Addams Family Values on youtube and I got the itch to want to watch it. Its my favorite of the two. The thanksgiving play in that one is brilliant.

      The Witches! I forgot about that one. I’ll add it to the list. I think I only saw it once as a kid.

  3. Really enjoyed this podcast guys, you are going from strength to strength.

    It’s been ages since I’ve watched the Adams Family, but I’m really tempted to give it another go now.

    • It makes a good rewatch. There were tons of little adult jokes in there and references to the original series that I didn’t get when I originally watched it as a kid.

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