The 10th Kingdom

The 10th Kingdom DVD CoverThe 10th Kingdom is an American fantasy television miniseries that was first released in 2000.   The story stars a young twenty something waitress named  Virginia Louis who lives at the edge of Central Park.   One day she accidentally runs into a dog while riding her bike to work.   But its no ordinary dog.   Its in fact, a prince from a fantasy kingdom whose been turned into a dog by an evil step mother.   This drags Virginia and her disaster prone father into an epic fantasy adventure full of trolls, magic, sheep (?), witches, dwarves, fairies, true love,  and one very confused but very sexy half wolfman.

This episode does NOT contain spoilers (or has very little spoilers).   Unlike many works we discuss, the 10th Kingdom is underrated, undervalued and under watched.   In discussing this show, we hope to simply let more people know of its existence.   It’s a fantastic show that not many people have heard of and not very many people watched when it first aired.   Buy this show or rent it from Netflix if you live in the U.S.   You won’t be disappointed.


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13 thoughts on “The 10th Kingdom

  1. Love this movie! Trying to get Megan (my wife) to watch it. I have it on VHS somewhere, but I don’t think she can get around the whole 9 hour movie thing (although we did watch Stephen King’s The Stand when we were dating…).

    I watched it when it was on TV. I just really remember being pissed that they never had it on a set schedule. I’d air every night for a few days then we’d have to wait a week (wtf?).

    I’ve never thought about the Al Bundy/Troll King shoe connection.

    A few suggestions for future episodes: The Lost Room miniseries and… in typing this have forgotten the other suggestion.

    Also, have you thought about making a Facebook group/fan page for people to discuss episodes. I’ve seen other podcasts do this and it seems to work.

    • I’ve never heard of the Lost Room. I’ll have to look into it. We probably do need a facebook group/fan page. I’m not sure how to start on one. I guess that’s a project for me this weekend. I defintly need to be reaching out more with social media stuff. I haven’t really done anything to promote the podcast in months.

      So the 10th Kingdom had a funky airing schedule? That could have killed it right there. I like to think it was something along those lines rather than just people didn’t like it. :(

      Melanie knows your wife right? I’m sure she could talk up the miniseries to her, by how sexy Scott Cohen is in it. lol

  2. I want to make a request. But I don’t know how to or where you want it so I thought I’d put it here. My request is Whisper of the Heart a studio Ghibli film.

    • Whisper of the Heart is a fantastic film. It’s my favorite Ghibli film in fact. BUT… it’s to a fantasy film so it really doesn’t fit into our podcasts theme. Feel free to make any other suggestions though. This is the place to do it! Sorry I couldn’t do that one though. But when we do another Ghibli film I’ll try to sneak in a little bit about Whisper of the Heart.

  3. Great episode! I definitely need to check this show out. You guys had a nice flow to things and I enjoyed the podcast on my way to work today.

    I have no memory of this show at all, although at the time I admit I was one of those people watching that stupid Millionaire show.

    The Lost Room is fabulous. It’s pretty weird and quite interesting. I watched it in one sitting, it was really entertaining.

    • You should defintily Netflix the miniseries Jeff. I think you’d really enjoy it.

      I think I’ll have to Netflix The Lost Room myself.

      posted by: Kasey on 2011-03-30 23:45:57

  4. Awesome episode, and thanks for the indirect reply;) I haven’t seen the series, but I did read the book (they never aired it where I live.) It was pretty damn good, and I’d love to see Wolf on screen XD

    Another recommendation, Robin Hood: Men In Tights, Matilda, The Mummy and Disney’s new film Tangled. Both hilarious, and you could probably find lots to talk about (though I don’t really know since I’ve never done a podcast.)

    I could have sworn I answered your mail about the free stuff; maybe my computer went odd or something… And yeah, about getting it to me, I actually live in Iceland (an island you may never have heard of in the Atlantic that has been pissing a lot of other countries off the last few years.) Though if shipping is possible, that would be so great… I wouldn’t mind having boxsets, either…

    And I definitely going to find time to watch this, because it just sounds that good.
    P.s. A chat board would be so cool. Maybe it would cause the other people that I am sure that go to this side to step out of the shadows 😉

    • Sure, I know of Iceland. Iceland is the place that’s green and Greenland is the place that’s icey due to Viking shennanigans. :)

      Sylvia, I should be able to send you some stuff. Just send me an email where you want me to send them. We have flat rate international boxes here in the U.S, that are pretty cheap to send. Whatever you can fit into that box you can send for the same price regardless of weight. Can you play Region 1 dvds? If so I can throw a couple in there too, but at the very least I can send you a few books. :)

  5. Wow, long episode this time around. I vaguely remember this being shown on TV here, but I didn’t watch it back then. Now listening to your podcast I really wanted to check it out, because I do like stories with fairy tail characters (like Fables), but even used the DVDs go for about 50€ (about 70$) around here. Maybe I’ll just import the US or UK DVDs, those seem a lot cheaper. So kudos to you for making me wanna watch this despite its length, I’m especially interested in this Wolf fellow.

    As for Kasey sending me something again, you sure can if you want to and it’s not too expensive for you. Do you still have my address or do you want me to send it again?

    Oh, and some more suggestions for new episodes: Mirror Mask (movie with script by Neil Gaiman), The Talisman (novel by Stephen King and Peter Straub and it has a guy called Wolf in it too) and the anime El Hazard (mostly because the fantasy world is not Lord of the Rings/RPG/medieval Europe inspired).

    • Well there’s always *cough*youtube *cough*. You could try out the beginning of the show to see if you like it? There’s no way to rent it in your area? Never heard of Mirror Mask. We’re doing Coraline (the original book was by Neil Gaiman) next though. I vaguely remember El Hazard. I watched a few episodes years ago on vhs. I always wanted to see more. It might be out of print now though.

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