Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Movie

Cowabunga dudes and dudettes!

To make up for the missed week last month, I’m releasing this episode a week early.   The next episode will come two weeks from this one.

Prepare yourself for a ninja explosion of epic proportions as we review the 1990 live action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Movie!

Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie PosterActually, I feel like we short changed this movie.   Prior to recording, I felt like we could wring a lot more discussion out of it.   Oddly enough, for a movie with guys in rubber turtle costumes doing martial arts, it’s surprisingly straight forward.   The plot more or less boils down to – bad ninjas show up and bring down Americas youth, good turtle ninjas come and stop them, and pizza is awesome.

It’s still a really enjoyable movie though, and has held up quite well over the years.   Many of the jokes are still funny, the practical special effects have aged well, and the choreography is top notch.

In this episode, we also learn a new and interesting way to use a blow-dryer.

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8 thoughts on “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Movie

  1. Casey Jones wasn’t homeless. He’s an ex-pro hockey player turn vigilante.
    Also, I told Mel directly, but you guys need to review the DC comic series “Fables.”

    Or the comic Scott Pilgrim.

    • XD So you finally show yo face? What’s with the idea that vigilantes have to look like hobos. You can branch out into a little bit of criminal justice of your own without looking like something that rolled off the garbage heap. You might very well get away with it easier that way. No one suspects the guy that gets manipedis of beating goons senseless.

  2. Yeah, not much to say about this movie plot-wise, it’s pretty simple and straight to the point. But I would have liked to hear your thoughts on the Turtles themselves though.

    The costumes are pretty awesome, which is why it’s such a shame that they only got worse as time went on.

    • Sorry we short changed the Ninja Turtles episode. Even while recording it I felt like we should have had tons of stuff to talk about, but we both were completely blanking on what to say.

      I cant’ speak for Melanie, but I know my thoughts on the Ninja Turtles isn’t very deep. Mostly I just think they’re cool, heh. It is amusing how they manage to hit so many kid weak spots; junk food, ninjas, talking animals, superheroes, gross places (sewers). It’s like a checklist of kid vices.

  3. Ok, I loved that little intro. “Stay in school, kids!”

    HEY NOW! These teenagers were using the NINJA SKILLZ they had been taught to steal stuff. A ninja can definitely steal a tv that someone is watching.

    No mention of a very young Sam Rockwell making 3 appearances in the film?
    1) “Regular or Menthol?”
    2) “We’re a family…” KC: “You call THIS ‘family’?”
    3) “Check out the east warehouse over on Ladman Island. You’ll get your answers there…”
    A real “Before They Were Stars” piece of trivia. 😉

    “Bossanova Melanie” would have been appropriate.

    Thanks guys! Looking forward to your other episodes!


  4. Tried replying, don’t know if it went through. It looked something like this:

    I loved that little intro! “Stay in school, kids!” 😀

    HEY! Those teenagers were using the NINJA SKILLZ they’d been taught in order to steal stuff. A ninja could definitely steal a tv that someone is currently watching.

    No mention of a very young Sam Rockwell making three speaking appearances in this movie?
    1) “Regular or Menthol?”
    2) “We’re a family…” KC Jones: “You call THIS ‘family?'”
    3) “Check out the east warehouse over on Ladman Island. You’ll get your answers there…”
    It would be years before he became a superstar. Cool bit of trivia. :)
    And yes, I wrote all this from memory, and yes when I was a kid I think I saw this movie roughly 50 times, so… yeah.

    “Bossanova Melanie” would have been appropriate for your outro. 😉

    Thanks for another great podcast. I’ll be listening to the Ranma 1/2 one next! REALLY excited about it!


    • Hi. Sorry it took me awhile to reply, I was sick for a few days. I’m glad you liked the intro. That was a lot of fun to record. I really stretched the boundries of friendship with Melanie when I asked her to record that. LOL Ah, bossanova! That would have been perfect!

      I admit, I had to look up Sam Rockwell on imdb.com. Apparently, I haven’t seen anything else that he’s in. Ironically, I do remember the exact kid you’re talking about. Go figure. I watched the movie over and over as a kid too. We had it on tape.

      I hope you liked the Ranma 1/2 episode. Thanks for replying.

      • I WILL like the Ranma 1/2 episode… when I listen to it.
        I have several podcasts I cycle through. I am trying not to rush through yours, but rather savor it’s nerdy bouquet…

        Trust I will leave a comment on every episode I listen to. :)


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