Tangled Movie PosterTangled is Disney’s take on Rapunzel. Its a cute and fun movie that’s filled with dangerous lies. Liesssss.

This is the second time we attempted to record this. The first time was a beautiful and magical podcast of wonder but you’ll never be able to hear that because we lost Melanie’s side of the recording. Then my computer crashed so I rebuilt a new one. Soo… yeah. Fun times. Enjoy the filthy Disney liessss.

No seriously, we liked this film.


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18 thoughts on “Tangled

  1. Really nice episode as always. You definitely brought up some good points, and the long pauses between you guys, and the interruption of each other that have plagued the previous episodes are absent here.

    • Hi Joakim! I’ve seen you write to us a couple times now. Yeah, we’ve got a new regular. :) I’m glad you were able to see a difference in the editing quality. I was trying to focus on the pauses more when editing, and it’s really gratifying to see my effort was rewarded. Thank you!

  2. Don’t worry guys, I’ll be sticking around. I’m always looking forward to your next episode.

    Anyway, about the movie. I pretty much agree with everything you said, it’s a good movie with some flaws. It is visually stunning, especially the movements, lighting and Rapunzel’s hair. But her huge eyes bother me, I would have preferred smaller ones. I do like that she has freckles though.

    And I was also disappointed that Mother Grothel was simply evil, because when she discovered that Rapunzel was gone, I thought she was actually worried about her. But nope, she just cares about the magic hair.

    Oh, and I have another suggestion for a review: an anime called Shamanic Princess, a six-part OVA.

    • It definitely would have made it a better film if Mother Gothel wasn’t just evil, but Disney probably wants to avoid anything that might make parents actually have to have a serious conversation with their kids about good and evil. Oh well.

      I saw Shamanic Princess once a long time ago on vhs. It might be out of print now. I’ll have to look into it.

  3. I haven’t seen the movie, but I felt like commenting anyway…

    You wanna see a Disney movie full of plot holes, you should rewatch Beauty and the Beast (McKenna loves it). It’s based in France! Only two characters even come close to speaking French! Where does the mirror come from? What is the time table for this movie? Days? Months? I don’t know! What happened to all the original furniture and crap in the castle if the people living there where transformed into such things?

    Every time I watch this movie it only begs more questions! Review it and maybe you can help relieve my madness!

    Thank you, and good day.

    • I have no idea what i was thinking when i wrote that. on the upside it did help me get that crap off of my chest. but, yeah, you should totally rewatch it. it fits your criteria (if you really have one). Or maybe even a series of Disney episodes.

      • Buy your daughter more movies if your bored! I’m sure she’ll like Little Mermaid and such just as much. lol We plan on doing more Disney cartoon movies along the way. I think we’d do Little Mermaid before Beauty and the Beast though. I think I’ve only seen Beauty and the Beast once ever. I’ll add it to the list though.

  4. I’m still here! My laptop (he’s called Anthony) seems to dislike your site -.-” I had to redo the last comment gods knows how many times on Stardust.

    Well, it’s probably apparent by the fact that I requested this review that I really like this film. It does bring along the rather-stupid Dreams-Solve-Everything meme, but at least the dream wasn’t basically ‘Imma get married before I turn twenty.’ I think Mother Gothel made sense, she ultimately seems to be a rather selfish person, though I think she really did love Rapunzel. She did abuse her, no physically but emotionally, always telling her she would never make it outside, that she was unattractive, and kept her locked up for eighteen years… And kidnapped her in the first place. Which could of course be Stockholm Syndrom, but I digress.

    Chopping down the magic flower: Stupid. You’re right, they could have just used a small part of it or something…

    And one thing about Flynn. If TvTropes.Org is right, his last name, Fitzherbert, originally means ‘Bastard son of Mr. Herbert.’ Understandable that he wanted to change his name, which also affects his character.

    The characters I love, plus the non-human ones (the horse is named Maximus, by the way.) The fact that they don’t get married out of nowhere – even better.

    Well, I hope it works posting this -.-” Cheers 😉

    • I’m glad your still around. The fantasy movie podcast site totally sucks. I’ve been trying to send this for a couple days. The blog came free from the podcast provider. Whenever I get a new job I think I might spring for some web space and a word press account. I’m learning css/html too so hopefully eventually I can code my own/better template too (its slow going though). I haven’t given up on the forum either.

      Thanks for the info on his name! That’s interesting. It makes Flynn’s backstory seem a little sadder.

  5. I do agree with the villain being a bit to underdeveloped. But unlike some other Disney movies where this bother me a lot, I can see past that in this one. I just really enjoy the misadventures of the main characters and I think they play of each other wonderfully.

    Now granted I haven’t seen this movie in a long time, and I’ve only seen it twice, but I initially found the songs kind of bland and forgettable, but a friend in my class listened to some of the songs in class while we where working and I found them much more charming after a couple of listens.

    • The songs really do grow on you! I bought the soundtrack for the song “Something that I want” that played during the credits and ended up liking a lot of the other tracks too. The “When Will my Life Begin” song feels like an oddly appropriate theme song for my unemployment. lol

  6. Gust finished listening to the sanctuary episode and wanted to let you know I’m still listening. I’ve almost listened to all the episodes now I just have one more to listen to. I love your podcast and I have all the episodes on my IPod.

    • What was Kimba the White Lion like? I’m rather curious. Anyways, thank you so much for listening! Wow, all of our episodes? That comment made my day. :) I hope we led you to some new stuff to read/watch.

  7. Finally saw Tangled. Good movie. There are only a few things about the movie that I didn’t like, and they are all at the end of the movie. So here’s my spoilerific rant about why the ending sucks (ok, that’s a little too harsh, how about “full of plotholes and things that make no sense”).

    One: why does Pascal kill the evil stepmother? She would have fallen to her death/turned to dust anyway. Did he really have to trip her with the hair? There are a couple other Disney films where they have a main character kill the villain, and it never sits right with me. The only other time I can think of right now is Mighty Joe Young where the title character throws the villain into a generator, but their are probably more. Even The Lion King had the hyenas kill Scar.

    Two: Why did the King and Queen not suspect that this girl (who’s a brunette) is not their daughter who’s been missing for 16 years (and was blonde when they last saw her)? She just does unravels her own DaVinci Code and knows that she’s really the princess. Couldn’t they have used like a pendent that turns out to be a locket that her real parents gave her when she was a baby? The only clue they have that she really is their daughter is that she looks exactly like her mother!

    Other than those couple things, I found the film rather delightful and the songs pretty good. Much better than The Princess and the Frog, where the songs sounded like ripoffs of songs from other Disney films.

    • Yeah someone could have easily conned the King and Queen into making them believe she was their daughter. lol She does look like the spitting image of her mother though…

      Malificent (or however you spell her name) was also killed and Eric from the Little Mermaid stabs giant Ursella with a ship’s mast.

  8. The Lion King was actually based on Shakespeare’s “Hamlet.” Not Kimbo the White Lion. *laughs* 😀

    “Magical hair doesn’t have split ends.” Yes! That’s exactly what I was thinking when you guys brought it up. Well played, ladies. 😉

    Rapunzel’s dorkiness was one of the more refreshing things about this movie. She was a very likable Disney Princess.

    Technically, Pocahontas DOES go on to marry the historically correct Englishman in Pocahontas 2. But………. yeah, who’s seen THAT? No one, that’s who.
    But I think John Smith was actually an interesting male lead for a Disney movie. He was a big adventurer, honorable and lacking any prejudice. A good guy. Not of the caliber of Beauty & The Beast’s male characters, but not as bad as, say, Snow White’s or Cinderella’s.

    Actually, you guys should totally do a podcast on Advent Children Complete. Plot’s a lot better in that version (but still too dependent on the game and supplementary material, of course).

    Yes, strangers in bars are friendly and misunderstood. It’s your parents that are really dangerous. The cold hard truth that this movie teaches us. I’m glad there’s finally a kid’s movie that has the moral strength to finally say it.

    Disney villains DEFINITELY come 100% evil. None of them ever have anything redeeming: Ursula, Jaffar, Gaston. All the best, all 100% evil, all with generic motivation. But they’re legendary characters. I think what’s-her-face from this movie just feels less deadly, less dangerous, compared to those three.

    I DO think the Rapunzel/Eugene relationship went from “cute but platonic” to “romantic” a little too quickly (in a musical montage, as is so often the case in Disney movies), but there’s only so much time in a movie to build that. And it’s way better than torturing/teasing folks like with Kyon and Haruhi, etc.
    As far as love-at-first-sight, the very first time I ever saw the girl that is now my wife, I kid you not, this was my first thought: “Dang, that girl has an amazing body.”
    So…………………………… yeah, maybe lust-at-first-sight is more believable. BUT THAT ISN’T WHY I MARRIED HER, I assure you.

    I, also, was “cool” in Elementary school but then that all just fell apart in Middle and High School. Peaked in college, though, so that kinda makes up for it.

    This was good, better than I expected for a movie I only watched once. :)
    Thanks, and keep the podcasts coming!


    • Sorry it took me awhile to reply. I’ve been working 50 hours for my job and haven’t had much time for anything but sleeping.

      Anyways, thanks for the long reply! Oops, I got the Shakespeare reference wrong. I was an English major in college. That’s really bad of me…

      I love Rapunzel’s personality. It makes sense that she was weird too, considering she group up only seeing one other person.

      I barely remember Pocahontas at all. I think I saw it once as a kid when it first came out and didn’t like it much? The only thing I can remember is that Colors of the Wind is a really beautiful song.

      Melanie could probably say a lot about Advent Children, but I’ve never played a Final Fantasy game in my life (*shocking confession!*). Maybe she’d want to do one with Charlie again for that? I might as well sit that one out.

      I wish Disney would do a more multi-faceted villain. I think it does children a disservice but skewing their sense of right and wrong. If a kid doesn’t get it fully it gives the parents a good time to talk to their kids and teach them that real people don’t come 100% evil or good.

      They might actually be doing something like that with the Ice Queen if some of the stuff I’ve read about Disney’s new film Frozen is correct.

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