SPECIAL: Anime Talk

Funny Anime Fan GifThis episode was original recorded in 2009 as two separate episodes.  When the podcast changed from The Power of Friendship Podcast to The Fantasy Movie Podcast a couple of years ago I took several episodes out.  They were taken out because I thought it was weird that The Fantasy Movie Podcast had several episodes in a row that had nothing to do with fantasy movies.  I had always intended to sporadically rerelease them, but for some reason I forgot all about them!  So here are two of them.  They’re edited together due to their short lengths and similar topics.

– Part I –  Shojo Anime/Manga –

Melanie and Kasey discuss their overall opinion on shojo manga.  It isn’t particularly positive.  Shojo manga is full of wimpy crying heroines and often is disturbingly sexist.  Most disturbingly is the unhealthy relationships they often support.  The jerk often gets the girl even if he’s roughed her up a bit or threatened her life.

They also are almost always solely focused on romance. Shonen titles can have romance too, but they also come in variety of genres.  Romance can be a subplot.   Shojo manga usually doesn’t get the luxury.

Kasey doesn’t hate all romance by the way, despite what this episode may lead you to believe, lol.

Not all shojo manga and anime sucks though.  Kasey highly recommends Basara and Melanie likes the yaoi comic Yami no Matsui.  They both agree that the Josei titles Nodame Cantabile and Tramps like Us are great.

Re-editing this episode made me a little sad.  In one part you can hear my long dead dog in the background…

– Part II – Anime Expiration Date –

Is there an age expiration date for anime fandom? Do most fans drop out of anime fandom in their late twenties and early thirties?  Or do they just stop talking on the internet about it?

We know for sure there is less and less anime made that we actually enjoy and want to watch.  Is that our age showing or are they just not making shows that appeal to a wider audience anymore?

What about you?  Do you think an anime fan expiration date exists?


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Dragon Age

Dragon Age Origins Box ArtThis is a special episode where we review not a fantasy movie, but a fantasy game.  Dragon Age: Origins is a 2009 western role playing game from Bioware for the PC, Xbox 360, and ps3.  In this game you choose one of six different origins, choose between three classes, pick your gender, and create the look of your character.  The storyline isn’t anything too unusual.  You’re a special warrior that is called upon to save the land from darkness, but the game really shines in the writing.  The world is detailed and well realized.  Characters feel like real people.  Your choices mold how the story progresses and ends so you feel emersed in this world like few others.

We were intending to have this game only cover Dragon Age: Origins, but Dragon Age 2 (the sequel) had recently came out and bits of it kept slipping into the podcast.  We were both only in Act I of Dragon Age 2 when we recorded this so there aren’t any Dragon Age: 2 storyline spoilers.  However, we do speak at length about the game mechanics and how they compare to the previous game.  We also talk at length on video game rpgs in general.

And we complain.  A lot.


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Indie Comics SPECIAL

Scott PilgrimThis is the  Indie Comics Special broadcasting straight into your brain like a laser beam of the future (sort of).   Indie comics are comics from independent publishers, although the term is commonly used to refer to comics that aren’t D.C or Marvel comics.   These comics tend toward non-superhero themes and cover just as wide an array of genres, topics, and themes as manga.   I never understood why indie comics aren’t well known with manga fans.   Are they just stuck on the stigma that all american comics are superheroes?

Unlike most episodes, this one does NOT have spoilers.   Since indie comics aren’t as well known as they should be, we decided to do three recommendations instead of our usual analysis.

Series we recommend on this episode are:

If anyone is wondering about the random Charlie nonsense we’re referring to Charlie the Unicorn to annoy  Melanie’s friend Charlie who requested we review Fables.


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Skulduggery Pleasant

Skulduggery Pleasant Book CoverSkulduggery Pleasant is a Young Adult Fantasy series by Derek Landy that so far consists of the books, The Scepter of the Ancients, Playing with Fire, and The Faceless Ones.   The premise is that a twelve year old girl  named Stephanie Edgely is saved one day by a talking skeleton detective. That day she discovers that magic is in fact real.   However, unlike most people upon having their world view turned upside down her response isn’t ‘Waaaah I want my life to be normal again!’


Well, that’s her response after she passes out.   No one’s perfect.

Skulduggery Pleasant is one of the best book series I have ever read. I sincerely hope that it’s able to one day rise to Harry Potter level of fame.   It more than deserves it, and is a beacon of light to anyone who yearns to read about a heroine who kicks  butt and doesn’t appear to have an emo bone in her body.

This episode is meant for those who already know and love the series. We discuss and analyze the plot of the first three books and theorize on the plot of future books.   So please, come back to this episode after you have read the books.   Otherwise, you’ll be cheating yourself out of one amazing ride.

If you haven’t read the books already, you must check them out.


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Fanfiction SPECIAL

Funny fanfiction related gif  This episode we discuss fanfiction! Fanfiction, for anyone not in the know, is fiction written by fans of series/books/movies etc. of properties they do not own. They make no money off of their fanfiction.   The quality can range from better than the original to ‘oh my god a monkey has learned how to type?!

We do have some background in fanfiction.   Both of us are fanfiction writers, and have probably read more fanfiction than is medically recommended over the years.   However, we’re no experts by any means. In this episode, we cover a wide range of sub topics.   Some of the topics we discuss include:   leaving feedback for fanfiction, out of character tags (OOC), shipping, original characters in fanfiction, Mary Sues, lemons, MMPreg, crossovers, and authors who hate fanfiction of their work.

The specific examples we use to illustrate our points mostly come from anime fanfiction.   For example, Kasey expresses her undying hatred of Sasuke/Hinata stories (stay away from her you bastard!), Melanie attempts to explain MMpreg, no one can remember the name of the 10th Kingdom miniseries, and neither of us understand why high school Naruto fics are so popular.   Although, having the Akatsuki work at Hot Topic makes perfect sense.

Also, if anyone were to ever write a GTO/Utena crossover, Kasey would be your BFF forevah and evah.

This episode will have a slight echo if you listen to it with very high quality headphones. I edited it once, but didn’t realize it had an echo until I was listening on my expensive headphones.   I painstakingly edited it again, but Audacity corrupted the file when I was almost done.   I apologize, but after 10 hours of the second edit, I just need to walk away from this or forfeit my sanity.
We also start saying curse words this episode, because editing them out is too much work.

Series Mentioned: Naruto, One Piece, Great Teacher Onizuka, Utena, 10th Kingdom

Fanfics mentioned:   Diplomatic Relations, Time and Time Again, For the Love of My Friends

So do you disagree with our opinions about fanfiction? Agree? Post a Comment!


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