Stardust is a 2007 fantasy film directed by Mathew Vaughn based on the book by Neil Gaiman.   It has a pretty star studded cast (ha ha ) of Claire Danes, Charlie Cox, Robert Deniro, and Michelle Pfeiffer.

Stardust Movie PosterPlot:   An awkward young man named Tristan Thorn crosses a wall into a fantasy realm in order to retrieve a falling star for his beloved Victoria.   Only when he gets there, the fallen star is actually a woman named Yvaine.   And unfortunately, he’s not the only one trying to retrieve the fallen star.

This episode came out okay.   I tried to edit out more of the pauses then I was previously taking out as Podcast Squared suggested.   Can anyone tell a difference?   I didn’t want it to be super snappy, because I wanted to preserve the feeling of just listening to regular people talk about movies.   I think it’s possible to become too polished and come off sounding fake and generic.

Stardust is a mixed bag.   It has some great visuals, fun character moments,  and a stellar cast.   But it also has some major plot problems, and the main couple are anything but star crossed.   However, overall it’s a fun movie that’s worth watching at least once.


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15 thoughts on “Stardust

  1. Hi Kasey and Melanie

    I really liked this movie. It’s not perfect, what movie is, but there are elements in this one that are quite excellent.

    Nice review of the movie, you two did a nice job of covering all the interesting parts.

    I would like to mention the whole ‘pause’ thing that was mentioned by that reviewer. I understand what he is saying, but I thought it was fine before. Yeah this episode was a little tighter but I wouldn’t worry about it too much, pauses happen and your flow worked well for me.

    Thanks for the podcast
    – Jeff

    • Thanks for the encouragement Jeff! It’s nice to know too that the episode sounded tighter. It took a lot longer to edit than normal. I didn’t think it sounded all that bad myself, but it’s hard to judge your own stuff objectively.

  2. Another great episode and more fund for me to listen to since I actually know the material this time around.

    In my opinion the movie is better than the book, since the book is written more like a traditional fairy tale, so there is little to no humor in it (hence no fabulous Captain Shakespeare or the ghost commentary).
    And yes, the ending is kind of a let down:

    1.) Tristan doesn’t get to tell off the girl he wanted to get the star for, since she’s not a bitch in the book and simply ends up marrying some other guy.

    2.) The witch doesn’t simply give up, but when Yvaine gives her heart to Tristan, she becomes invisible to the witch and the witch cannot get her heart anymore. So she decides to go back to her sisters, who will most likely punish her badly for failing.

    3.) And this is the big one: instead of living forever among the starts together like in the movie, Tristan just grows old and dies, leaving Yvaine all alone, being immortal but unable to return to the sky. That seems like such an unnecessary downer for an ending. I mean, I don’t need a happy ending in every movie, especially when it feels shoe-horned in, but in this case a “…and they lived happily ever after.” would have fit better.

    • Thanks for the info on the movie. I thought that the movie sounded better, but didn’t feel like I could really make a definite statement without reading it or at least hearing someone else’s opinion. Yeah, immortal and alone forever really sucks. As for the other girl… It’s hard to imagine being in the position to marry more than one guy in like a week’s time. o_0 It kind of fits then that they made her a bitch.

      • i know this episode is a few years old, but i just read the book about a month ago and just finished watching the movie.
        and in my opinion, neil gaiman’s book is so much better. about the only good change is that they showed what happened on the airship and giving the captain more character. they cut out a couple great characters and edited the epilogue to near incomprehension. the love between tristan and yvaine is much more believable in the book, but then again i’ve never been a fan of claire danes (she’s ok, but not as great as they want her to be).
        and her living forever isn’t entirely a bad thing. she does go on to rule in his place, since it’s explained in the book that she can’t bear children, and be loved by the people of stormhold.

        i feel like you girls should do more neil gaiman, but not a lot of his stuff has been put on film (yet).
        sorry i’m commenting on this one and not princess mononoke, but i’ve not heard that episode or seen the movie yet.

        • Comment on as many older episodes as you’d like! Many of the oldest episodes don’t have any comments at all. As long as you post on the blog and not through the Facebook app I actually get notifications that you posted (I don’t know why the stupid Facebook app doesn’t do that).

          I really need to read more Neil Gaiman’s books. To be honest, I’m not sure if I’ve ever read any of his books. I’ve at least liked every adaption of his work I’ve watched so I really should get on that. Any recommendations?

          Claire Danes is okay. She doesn’t seem to have done anything lately.

          The original ending kind of sounds like a bummer and doesn’t fit the tone of the movie (did it fit the tone of the book)?

  3. I’ve never seen this movie, although based on the fact that it’s based on a Neil Gaiman book, I’ll check it out.

    I just felt that it would be wrong for me not to comment. Although in a few years, you should review the show that their planning based on his book “American Gods.”

  4. I was just wondering how you girls feels about the use of CGI to create locations that just don’t exist anymore? Just as recreating Victorian England in Sherlock Holmes and Sweeney Todd. There is nowhere on Earth that looks like that anymore.

    I know that they used CGI elements with real sets, but I just wanted to hear your thoughts.

    • I’m cool with it, as long as it’s done well. I think in this instance they should try to mix cgi with real sets. Maybe have cgi parts of the set to interact with, like props and doors and sidewalks and then create the top half of the cityscape/buildings with cgi? I think when you mix it like that it tricks your eyes a lot better than 100% cgi.

  5. Oh, for the love of god, this must be the fourth time I try to post this review… I swear the leprechauns are after me… Hiya, and sorry for not reviewing for some time, but I felt I had to since I really like this film, even with all its faults. I have read the book and felt the film was superior by far (even though Neil Gaiman is, of course, a god amongst writers.) It just wasn’t very interesting and some parts that had the potential to be so were just sorta skipped over or barely mentioned. It wasn’t very humorous either.

    Like you, I think Captain Shakespeare was my favorite character in the film – he was just so funny and really much more interesting then the protagonists, though I liked them all right, too. If I remember correctly, there was a scene from the book that they cut out of the movie where Yvaine and Tristan run into a lion and a unicorn fighting and Yvaine stops them, and thus the unicorn comes to help her later. I thought that scene was available as extra on the DVD, though. I also really liked how much of the locations were real, and how they would rather mix CG with reality, which somehow made the film flow more easily while making the fantastic realistic and the real fantastic.

    If I could pester you with another request, have you seen the new Sherlock Holmes series produced by the BBC (called, appropriately, Sherlock) which happens in the present. It’s a wonderful adaption (accurate, too), the casting especially. It’s simply thrilling, and captures the dynamic between Holmes and Watson wonderfully. It’s fairly short (only three episodes, each about ninety minutes) though it’s up for a second season in a few months. Did I mention funny? Don’t think I did… Well, cheers 😉

    • It probably wasn’t the leprechauns so much as the crappy libsyn blog that hampered your commenting. Thanks for sticking out it though.

      Anyways, I’ll be sure to check out the Sherlock Holmes series for myself, but its not really a fantasy property so it doesn’t fit with the podcast’s theme.

      Thanks for the info about the unicorn in the film. It seems like it was still pretty superfluous in the book, but a lot less so than the movie. I don’t think the unicorn/lion scene was available as an extra (at least not on the region 1 DVD I watched). I think it was mentioned on the DVD commentary though.

  6. Glad you guys did this movie. :)

    I agree that the bad witch’s motivation for the “fake-out” at the end was a little murky, but it wasn’t COMPLETELY contrived. And using Yvaine’s “star power of love” was a cool way to kill her! She was destroyed by the very thing she needed: a complete, unbroken star-heart. Much better than stabby stabby or a bucket of water laying about, I say.

    Yes, the locations and vistas in this movie are unbelievable. Great point.

    I actually fell madly in love with Yvaine watching this. Half the reason I liked the movie as much as I did. I seriously fell hard for her. It’s gotta be the tsundere thing. But, man, when she glowed… so hot.

    I am kind of stunned you can be nonplussed with Yvaine’s character, rip apart Tristan’s character, and then say Captain Shakespeare was the best character in the movie. He was literally one joke. There was nothing more to him. He wasn’t any more fleshed out or less typical than Yvaine or Tristan. Your commentary even bore that out: “He tries to be tough, but he’s actually GAY! ROFLMAO! …………..yep, he’s the best character. Moving on.”

    The “Marionette swordfight” was one of the best bits of combat choreography I have ever seen!! So glad you guys gave Mark Strong his due for that sequence. :)

    In case you guys couldn’t tell, I LOVED this movie. It has cool swordfights and airships and stuff. Totally awesome. But maybe I would not have loved it as much if I hadn’t fallen for Yvaine. Hard to say. The film has it’s problems, but it certainly captured my heart.

    I’m with you guys on DBZ. Used to be obsessed, but then kinda figured out just how pointless everything in it is. Alas.

    Good stuff again, ladies! Looking forward to the next one, which, for me, will be…. “Tangled!” Gonna be awesome.


    • Were we really that hard on Yvaine and Tristan? I don’t remember disliking them. Huh. I might have to re-listen to the episode. My memories are that Tristan is kinda Bland and Yvaine was a good character that I liked if not enthusiastically. Maybe I just fell in love with Robert Deniro’s unexpected comic timing.

    • Oh! And just wanted to thank you for the reply! I was hoping you’d come back to reply once I got the comment stuff figured out. Sorry it took me so long. It took a process of elimination to figure out what was going on.

      • Definitely! Love this podcast and you guys are a blast to listen to. 😀

        Should probably clarify that I think that Captain Shakespeare was an awesome, hilarious character. But I loved the whole ensemble and thought they all worked extremely well together, I didn’t think that there was any one character that particularly stood out above the others (except Yvaine, of course, because I fell in love with her).

        I think it’s good that you guys are more critical than I am, though, because I tend to gloss over legitimate storytelling problems once I have been thoroughly absorbed into a plot and world.

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