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Funny Anime Fan GifThis episode was original recorded in 2009 as two separate episodes.  When the podcast changed from The Power of Friendship Podcast to The Fantasy Movie Podcast a couple of years ago I took several episodes out.  They were taken out because I thought it was weird that The Fantasy Movie Podcast had several episodes in a row that had nothing to do with fantasy movies.  I had always intended to sporadically rerelease them, but for some reason I forgot all about them!  So here are two of them.  They’re edited together due to their short lengths and similar topics.

– Part I –  Shojo Anime/Manga –

Melanie and Kasey discuss their overall opinion on shojo manga.  It isn’t particularly positive.  Shojo manga is full of wimpy crying heroines and often is disturbingly sexist.  Most disturbingly is the unhealthy relationships they often support.  The jerk often gets the girl even if he’s roughed her up a bit or threatened her life.

They also are almost always solely focused on romance. Shonen titles can have romance too, but they also come in variety of genres.  Romance can be a subplot.   Shojo manga usually doesn’t get the luxury.

Kasey doesn’t hate all romance by the way, despite what this episode may lead you to believe, lol.

Not all shojo manga and anime sucks though.  Kasey highly recommends Basara and Melanie likes the yaoi comic Yami no Matsui.  They both agree that the Josei titles Nodame Cantabile and Tramps like Us are great.

Re-editing this episode made me a little sad.  In one part you can hear my long dead dog in the background…

– Part II – Anime Expiration Date –

Is there an age expiration date for anime fandom? Do most fans drop out of anime fandom in their late twenties and early thirties?  Or do they just stop talking on the internet about it?

We know for sure there is less and less anime made that we actually enjoy and want to watch.  Is that our age showing or are they just not making shows that appeal to a wider audience anymore?

What about you?  Do you think an anime fan expiration date exists?


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9 thoughts on “SPECIAL: Anime Talk

  1. Ah this is so sad I have reached my expiration date sigh but it was a good run sigh. But muhahaha I can be in denial forever nice to see a little old school. Makes me realize why I got into y’all in the first place. Ah I remember the days were I would tape Yu Yu Hakusho I still have them makes me wanna dig them up and see them again.
    Lovely to hear it again . Thanks again ladies (Side note yes lemon is a big part of why I continue to watch /read that and fanfiction )

    • Thanks for the comments! Sorry it took me awhile to reply I coudln’t think of anything to say back! I’d read it, then just nod sagely to myself and then realize no one could see my nodding. LOL

      I’ll eventualy put the shonen anime one back up too. I want to wait a few episodes so the podcast’s theme isn’t dilluted by having a bunch of specials at once. If that makes any sense?

      Thanks for putting up with us all this time! LOL

  2. You guys sound so fricking young! It’s crazy!

    I remember getting home and watching Pokemon on the WB after school.

    Actually, I didn’t watch anime (except for Samurai 7 and I have seen a few episodes of Gunslinger Girl, and I liked it). I really did watch Pokemon after school and take a nap.

    Everything else, didn’t care for, or didn’t get into it.

    • We do sound young for some reason. Weird. It wasn’t THAT long ago. Maybe I put some weird filter on the audio back then? Or we’re already getting old lady voices. XD (Ironic considering the subject matter of the podcast).

      Your not an anime fan? I’ll have to get that memories dvd to you (it’s three non-connected short stories so it should be really new friendly). A lot of the other anime stuff I have isn’t that great, but that one is pretty good.

      • not a huge fan. no. the list of anime that i’ve seen and liked is short. mostly Samurai 7, gunslinger girl, and about half of the animatrix shorts.

        i look at anime the same way i look at comics. it’s a format, not a genre.

  3. Listened to this a while ago, howeven not sure if I came to comment (was dropping by to download your jingles so thought I’d stick my oar in).

    I enjoyed this – you two should do a good old ramble more often :)

    As for Anime, I’ve just started dipping my toes into the water and I have to admit that I’m finding some of it a little jarring for my tastebuds (being brought up on western storytelling conventions). however I have found stuff I do like and am getting used to things.

    Anything you can suggest that is available on netflix? (I can get the US netflix these days – hurrah!!). I’m quite enjoying Full metal Alchamist, but I’m sure there is moe out there.

    • This is what I think you might enjoy:
      Baccano (13 episodes) – set in 1920s prohibition era America.
      Trigun – Wild West Future (26 episodes)
      The Castle of Cagliostro (movie)
      Monster – This one is a great series in general but it might be too slow moving for you . It’s a suspense drama.

      These are great shows but they might be a little too slow moving for you:
      Hikaru no Go

      You might want to check out the Ghost in the Shell movie too. I don’t think the subject matter would be up your alley, but its a really interesting visual spectacle kind of thing. Maybe something to put on while your doing other stuff?

  4. Regarding the Anime Expiration Date, I was discussing piracy with my local comic book shop guys and it was interesting that they felt that Manga had suffered more than western comics because of the age of the general audience. They’ve grown up with torrents and expect to be able to just download material in general. I was surprised by this simply because I’ve been getting into manga for the past several years. Not that I’m a good yardstick for people my age 😉 But then I’ve found I’m pretty picky over the books I keep reading. As far as anime though I tend to avoid it completely outside of films. It’s something I’ve been meaning to watch more of but nothing has caught my eye which may lend credit to the expiry date argument :)

  5. Prince of Tennis sucks?? :(
    I was so looking forward to that show… because I love tennis. Seriously… I LOVE tennis. If I love tennis, will I still hate that show? I read a lot of the manga and watched the first few episodes of the anime. Found the anime boring but I remember the manga getting really exciting (if a little too DBZ-ish).
    I think the problem with a lot of those sports/action animes is that they artificially inflate the length of the episodes and seasons with a lot of nothing; i.e. dramatic poses, pointless rehashing of plot, characters describing all of the subtext in every scene out loud, etc etc. So I WANT to watch Prince of Tennis and Eyeshield 21, but I really don’t have a lot of time to waste on watching nothing happen.


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