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In this installment, we attempt to analyze and review the 2009 anime series Soul Eater.   Soul Eater is a shonen series about a group of teens who fight evil witches and demons and then consume their souls to become stronger.

No wait! Come back! The series is good I swear!

While the series does have many common shonen tropes, it executes them in style.   The art looks as if Tim Burton and Tite Kubo of Bleach fame had a baby and that baby could draw gooooood.   The animation by Bones studio is top notch and very fluid in fight scenes. It also has a wonderfully atypical heroine in Maka. How often are twelve year old girls allowed to be main characters in shonen fighting series?   And said twelve year old girl isn’t used for fan service (in the anime at least)? How often do they have a twelve year old girl who is allowed to fight and win against opponents of both genders, and is even allowed to look totally unattractive when she’s being a scary badass?   It amazes me that more people don’t realize how miraculously rare that is.

The series has been licensed for distribution in the U.S by Funimation and will be available as of 2010.   The manga has been licensed by Yen Press and began coming out in October 2009.   If you’re interested in continuing the story of Soul Eater through the manga, the anime branches off from the manga at chapter 37.

Warning: We analyze the show as a whole.   If you have not seen all 51 episodes, this installment will completely spoil the ending for you.   Please, if you haven’t seen all of the series, keep this episode in reserve until you do. Soul Eater is good enough that you’re really doing yourself an injustice if you spoil the show for yourself.

I’d love to hear your opinions on Soul Eater or our podcast in general. Its nice to know we’re not just speaking into a void, ya know? Please leave a Comment!

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4 thoughts on “Soul Eater

  1. I should have re-watched it for the podcast. For some reason, even knowing I’ve once forgotten my OWN name, I assumed I’d remember details as it hadn’t be TERRIBLY long ago since I’d watched it. Don’t plan on making that mistake again.

    I know it was fighting that Black Star’s dad was obsessed with it, I assume it was an attempt at humor.

    As far as Maka goes it’s not that she doesn’t have an ego, it’s more that she doesn’t have the typical ego you find in shounen lead characters. To be honest Black Star acts more like a typical shounen lead.

    Thank you so much for listening and commenting, we have a lot of fun recording this and are glad it shows.

  2. It is believed that Medusa’s design was addressed to people with a foot fetish.

    Maka is fanservice, the manga gives her several panty shots, great cleavage (vs Arachne what do you expect?) and well once the anime original ending kicks in Bones shows her legs a lot…

    Arsura/Kishin/demon god.

    Sorry, but I don’t know how much of Soul Eater you guy’s forgot. But that doesn’t really give me the feeling you really like the series.
    Blair has a Blair witch theme her pumpkin theme comes from the band the smashing pumpkins.

    Black Star’s dad was obsessed with blood? Did we watch the same series…?
    Black Star wanted to surpass God from the beginning. But Mifune & later Mosquito beating the crap out of him made him see how weak he was.

    @ loled at the fist full of courage.

    Maka doesn’t have an ego? Like 50% of her screen time she’s thinking of becoming stronger and stuff.

    Evans is not Japanese. x’D

    Diversity is a very difficult concept for the Japanese.

    You guys are funny and sound like you are having a lot of fun doing what you do. If you do anything else on Soul Eater I hope that I’ll be able to find it. So post in on animesuki again if you do.

    I’m not from an English speaking country and don’t feel like getting my spelling error out of this post so sorry for that.

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