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Sleepy Hollow Movie PosterSo here’s a podcast about Tim Burton’s 1999 version of Sleepy Hollow starring Johnny Depp and Christinia Ricci… only a month after Halloween is over! That’s nearly on time! Right? Right? Well, it was recorded on Oct 30th at least.

Tim Burton’s version of Sleepy Hollow is vastly different from the original short story but for the better. It has a great cast, special effects that hold up pretty well, and some top notch spooky atmosphere. Is it great? Not really, there are several plot holes, shortcuts taken with characterization, and Johnny Depp and Christinia Ricci don’t have fantastic chemistry together. It’s still a solid film though, that’s enjoyable to watch every few years on Halloween.

This fills a request from Monica G. I hope you enjoyed the episode.


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6 thoughts on “Sleepy Hollow

  1. Congrats on another great episode. I think it was a smart move to change so much for the movie since the original short story simply doesn’t have enough material for a feature length movie. And Christopher Walken as the villain was great fun and easy for everybody involved since you don’t really need make-up to make him look creepy and he didn’t have to memorize any lines.

    And I might check on this mysterious fairy to see the director’s cut of Legend. Oh, and I thought of another movie you two could review: the animated movie Fire and Ice.

    • Christopher Walken is just a scary dude isn’t he? If he’d just stood there and didn’t do anything I would have been scared. lol

      I forgot about Fire and Ice. I think I’ve seen it before… I sort of remember it not making any sense though. I’m not sure if it would make a good podcast episode or not. I’ll have to think about it.

  2. Hello ladies,
    Great podcast thank you so much for reviewing this podcast been waiting awhile for yay.(still waiting for the spirited away podcast poke poke) But a lovely listen and Kasey may I complement you on your lovely editing skills . But yes yes sleepy hallow…. AH I don’t really remember it (that’s sad since I rec’d it) I need to rewatch it bad. Ah ……. but yeah recs. Casper is such a must see Christina Ricci was introduced to me through this movie. I had a eternal crush on Casper as a boy ah so dreamy. But I snorted up my drink several times during this podcast hence Melanie’s quip. “Put covers on his sissors I’d Hit that” I was dieing from laughter ah Melanine. Hot emo guys still hot no matter how weird. Christopher Walken kills puppies in his free time a swear creeps me the flip out. He’s a walken contradiction.
    But yes I loved this podcast and can’t wait for the next episode. I love the new website by the way Kasey pretty pretty.

    Thanks for the Podcast,

    • Thanks for the website complements!

      I was waiting to do a Spirited Away review for when the blue ray came out. I thought that would be in the next year or so?

      Heh, Melanie’s husband will know she’s cheated on him by all the punctures wounds she’s got! LOL

  3. Christopher Walken’s only creepy when he plays creepy. He plays a great dad from the 50’s or 70’s (I’m thinking Blast from the Past and Hairspray).

    I hold that this was Tim Burton’s last great movie, or his first meh movie. Although I rather enjoyed Sweeney Todd and the more I watch it the more I like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, I hated his version of The Planet of the Apes, thought Corpse Bride was just trying too hard to be Nightmare Before Christmas, and I haven’t seen Big Fish.

    Tim Burton’s earlier movies where easy to get lost in that world, because they were still grounded in our world. This was, in my opinion, was the last one that was grounded in the real world. Even if Ichabod was the one grounded with everyone else being the surreal (a flip from the earlier movies where the main character is the off character). All of the new TB movies have a screwed up world and you have to accept that.

    That seems to be my problem with all of TB’s movies since Sleepy Hollow. They are no longer the surreal within the mundane, but merely surreal. He’s lost his charm and needs to go back to making poorly drawn comics.

    With my TB rant out of the way. This movie, although it’s been a few years since I saw it last, has a great cast. I think this was the beginning of everybody going, “OMG! Johnny Depp is the greatest actor of all time!” But it doesn’t hurt that he’s surrounded by a great supporting cast filled with classic British actors (playing Americans?) and Christina Ricci.

    Oh, speaking of British actors, it’s probably too late but for Christmas you should do the Muppets Christmas Carol (maybe next year?).


    • Sorry it took me so long to reply. I don’t remember getting a review email notification. Or if I did I somehow overlooked it.

      We really were planning on doing the Muppet’s Christmas carol. I’d watched it even and tried to make an outline but there just wasn’t enough to talk about. Melanie and me both were also just… not feeling the Christmas spirit. It’d weird because we had always planned on doing the Muppet’s Christmas carol and then when we went to actually record it all the enthusiasm was gone. Everything I wanted to say about it concerned the original Dickens story and not the parts with the Muppets. I think reading the original book kind of ruined me to the Muppet’s version. The diction in it is just so beautiful and powerful.

      Also Skryim. Skyrim is a big reason why we didn’t get a Christmas episode out.

      Big Fish is worth a watch. It’s probably the most ‘non-Tim Burton’ Tim Burton movie. It feels more tied to the mundane world than his other movies I’ve seen. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen that one though, so I might be misremembering it. I think you’d at least think it was interesting if nothing else.

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