Scott Pilgrim VS. The World


It’s a special episode this time around because we have our first guest host here on the podcast, long time listener Charlie! Our amazing threesome of epicness reviews the 2010 film Scott Pilgrim vs the World.  Scott pilgrim is based on the comic book series by Bryan Lee O’Malley directed by Edgar Wright and starring Michael Cera.  The story follows twenty something hipster Scott and his quest to get with the girl of his dreams named Ramona.  Along the way, he will have to defeat her seven evil exes, win a battle of the bands, and grow up.  The film is a weird mish-mash of reality and video games.  Bad guys turn to coins after they die, uses the inter dimensional highway located within people’s dreams to deliver packages, and Macaulay Culkin’s brother Kieran Kyle Culkin is the best actor in the film.  Yeah, the film is THAT weird.

Thanks again Charlie for recording this episode with us!


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3 thoughts on “Scott Pilgrim VS. The World

  1. Great to see that you guys are back. I think Charlie made a nice addition to the podcast.

    As for the topic, I have only seen the movie on DVD. Sounds like I should check out the comic because the movie was only okay, the fights were the best part, but the rest was kinda weak and rushed. I couldn’t get behind the Scott/Ramona romance, it just came off as shallow. I actually liked the alternate ending better, where Scott ends up with Knives, at least we see them being friends.

    The Doctor Who episode will probably just go over my head, because I have not seen a single episode and have no interest in the show either. But I’ll definitely give it a try at least.

    • Yeah the Doctor Who episode will probably go over your head. We didn’t explain it at all for someone who doesn’t know anything about Doctor Who. I think you might like the Scott Pilgrim comics. The storyline works a lot better in comic form, imho. I also think Scott as a character works better in comic form. Michael Cera plays him very differently in the movie.

  2. HEY! Iron Man has ALWAYS been my favorite superhero, way before the movies came out. So… so there.

    Knives was the best character in the movie. Soooooooooo cute! *hearts*
    In the comic, she was weird and creepy. But still important early on. And the movie really only covers the first book or two.
    Even though I am a Knives fan, the Knives ending to the movie just seemed… wrong. Felt like Scott didn’t grow at all. Not that Ramona was a great character or anything, she came off as an indifferent, shallow, sex-maniac. But still, at least she wasn’t a kid.

    LOL, there were no three-ways in the comics. But Knives and Kim got drunk and made out once. That was sort of gross.

    Yes! That line about Scott being the “best fighter” really flipped the whole comic around. The movie moment did essentially the same thing. It was all juvenile romance and silly comedy and then “*BOOM* SCOTT PILGRIM!” as Matthew Patel comes flying through the roof. So hilariously great.

    Brandon Routh as “Todd” was freaking BRILLIANT, by the way. Vegan Police! You guys should have talked more about that sequence.
    “Once you were a ve-gon… now you will BE gone!” “……ve-gon?” *HEAD BUTT*

    Actually, the resolution to Knives’ character in the books is that Scott (in the middle of going through a lot of crap and failure and consequences) actually tries to get back with her at one point and she turns him down. For reasons. Something about how Scott uses people. Good stuff.

    So happy you guys did this one, it’s one of my all-time favorite movies ever. :)
    Loved the show, you girls have a really great thing going here. Can’t wait for the next one!


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