Sanctuary Season 1-2

Sanctuary CastSanctuary is a 2008 – Present fantasy television series starring Amanda Tapping.   The series revolves around Helen Magnus, a 150 year old immortal who has dedicated her life to protecting unusual people and creatures.   She does this through her Sanctuary network: a global private task force that investigates, protects, and if necessary contains beings/creatures called abnormals.   The series is currently running on the Syfy channel and has recently completed its thrid season.   A fourth season is schedules to air next fall.

This series is fantastic and vastly underrated.   The story is excellent, the special effects are quite good (and not just for a tv series) and the casting is inspired.   How often do you get to see a badass main character who is a woman, a scientist, a mother, and a badass who is actually older than thirty? Not very damn often, that’s for sure.

I know this episode is way too long.   I was going to break it up into two episodes, but I’m tired of editing and just want to get it out.   Hopefully, someone will still be interested.

What do you think of Sanctuary?   Love it? Hate it?   Have you even heard of it?   Leave a comment!


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5 thoughts on “Sanctuary Season 1-2

  1. First off… Why am I being attacked? I am NOT your errand boy! Is it too much to ask that you guys do some research? I was intrigued by the show until about a quarter of the way through the podcast. When you started to describe the show as a female masturbatory fantasy. Then the last quarter of the cast redeemed it, because anything with Tesla is awesome!

    Also, Science Fiction and Fantasy are really the same thing. The only differences are in semantics. In sci-fi you are transported to unknown planets or through time. In fantasy, unknown worlds or times. In sci-fi, you fight monsters and aliens. Fantasy, dragons and mythological creatures. I’ve heard that sci-fi is based on science and anything else is fantasy (making Star Wars and Dune fantasy and Star Trek and Firefly sci-fi). In my opinion, they are the same. Sci-fi is the future, fantasy the past and steampunk somewhere in the middle.

    Speaking of which, since you mention it so much in this episode, you should review The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (the movie or the comic).

    With that being said, I played the McKenna shoutout for Megan, and she loved it. McKenna was asleep at the time.

    • I didn’t mean it as an attack, just a bit of teasing. I hope that came through?

      This podcast would have been the Sci-Fi and Fantasy Movie Podcast except for two reasons. 1) There is already a podcast called the Sci-Fi and Fantasy Movie podcast and 2) Melanie hates stuff set in space. It’s a miracle I ever got her to watch Firefly. I’ve yet to convince her to play Mass Effect… :(

      I agree with you that there isn’t much difference. There is a difference in hard sci fi, but there aren’t many movies of them. Space Opera and fantasy stuff are pretty indistinguishable.

      League of Extraordinary Gentleman is a good idea. I’ll add it to the list. The next episode is going to be Stardust (mel’s pick), but after that we’re going to try to do a string of requests.

      Thanks for listening! I was worried we wouldn’t get any feedback since the episode was so monstrously long.

      I’m glad Megan got a kick out of it. :) Hopefully, our voices won’t haunt your poor baby’s dreams. lol

  2. I’ve never heard of this one, but it sounds interesting. Unfortunately, I cut my cable so I’m not sure that I’ll be seeing it anytime in the near future.

    Still, it was nice listening to the show and hopefully someday Melanie will see the value of Star Trek. Well…ok probably not.

    Keep up the good work and I’ll be looking forward to your next podcast.

    – Jeff

    • – If you still have Netflix Jeff, I bet it will be put back on Netflix eventually. The show might be on hulu as well.

      Congrats again on how successful your new podcast is. 300 followers on twitter already is great!

  3. Sorry, took me a while to finally listen to the whole episode. First of all congrats to 30 episodes (31 now, but whatever).

    The show sounds interesting, I’m always interested in shows that have strong female characters, especially when they are the lead. Not much else to say since I haven’t seen the show. BTW, ice cream was invented in the 18th century, but a frozen fetus is still not possible, at least not one that can be implanted again and lives. Now I’m off to download the Stardust episode.

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