Red Sonja

Red Sonja Movie PosterRed Sonja is an eighties fantasy movie about a red haired chick killing evil people with swords while getting hit on by the govenator.   Pretty sweet right?   In all honesty, this movie is terrible.   The dialogue is stilted, the acting is amateurish, and the special effects weren’t that impressive in 1985.   But for some reason, I love this cheesy movie to bits.   It’s got a lot of heart, and despite its many flaws its a fun ride.

Just a quick warning:   If you’re planning on watching this movie with kids around, there is a random female  topless scene.   It’s weirdly random even for a topless scene.   However, the edited for TV version is just fine for kids to watch.   I watched it all the time as a kid and I am mostly a non warped human being.


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6 thoughts on “Red Sonja

  1. I’m not sure if I’ve seen this movie. If nothing else, I’ve seen the I-will-only-bed-one-that-can-beat-me fight scene. But…
    Here are the teaser posters that they made for the remake –>

    That seems to be as far as they ever got with that. Robert Rodriguez was supposed to produce it, but has since moved on to different projects. The rumors where that he and Rose McGowan were sleeping together (he had left his wife for her). She was also going to play in a Barbarella remake with him directing.

    Personally, I think she’d make a pretty good female warrior after seeing Grindhouse: Planet Terror. Just look at Xena? She’s pretty believable. Who’s stunt double was smaller than Lucy Lawless.

    • I still can’t buy Rose Mcgowan as a swordswoman. Swordswomen need to be big and amazonian. I can buy her as some kind of assasian/thief sort of character, but not someone who could beat someone up with martial arts.

  2. I really need to watch this movie. I see that it is finally available on Netflix for streaming. I’d like my kids to watch it, but that scene you guys mentioned wouldn’t go over well.
    Thanks for the podcast.

    • Hi Jeff! Yeah I wouldn’t let your kids watch the uncut version. If you came across it on tv though, it’d be just fine. They took out all of the objectionable stuff and it doesn’t negatively impact the film. Its too bad Netflix doesn’t have an option to turn on an ‘edited for tv broadcast’ version of the film. FYI Jeff, I haven’t given up on listening to your 6 Arrows Podcast. I took a break from listening to podcasts for a little while, but I’m getting back into it now.

  3. Glad to see that you two are back, I got kinda worried when you didn’t upload anything in January.

    Too be honest I never saw this movie, I only saw the review the Nostalgia Critic did last year. Heck, I’ve never seen the Conan movies either. But it’s kind of sad this movie flopped because there are so little fantasy movies with main female characters that can fight.

    • Sorry about the wait. It’s entirely my fault. I’ve had real world commitments lately that took up the time I usually used to podcast. Although I technically got this up in January. lol I think Red Sonja is worth watching, especially if you can get it easily. It is sad there isn’t more badass female fantasy characters in live action movies. Seems like you have to look to anime to get them.

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