Ranma 1/2

Ranma 1/2 castWe’re kicking it old school today by discussing the 90s anime Ranma 1/2.

Ranma 1/2 is a martial arts comedy about marital artists who fell into magical springs that turn them into different things when cold water hits them.   For instance, the main character Ranma fell into the spring of drowned girl and now turns into a girl when hit with cold water.   So we get things like high flying martial arts fights between a red haired girl, a blind duck, and one badass little piggy… all in the name of love.

I’m not sure why we used to like Ranma 1/2 so much.   It’s a fun enough series, but it’s really repetitive and the animation quality has not aged well at all.   Heck, we even used to wrote fanfics for some unknown reason.


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10 thoughts on “Ranma 1/2

  1. Yay, another great episode. I guess I didn’t grow sick of Ranma as fast as Inu Yasha, because Ranma has no over-arcing plot, no big bad to defeat or save the world. So the recycle plots didn’t bother me as much. And Ryoga was always my favorite, with Shampoo a close second (I didn’t care that she was evil, since she mostly went against Akane, who I hate).

    As for your contest, I would love to enter, but I don’t have iTunes on my PC and I’m not gonna install it to write one review.

    • I’ll send you something anyways if you want. You more than deserve it for being a regular listener! ^_^ Do you want a manga book, an anime movie, the first DVD of an anime TV series, a one piece key chain, a small one piece chopper figure, or a bootleg anime box set (I’m trying to go completely legit but I still have a few)?

      Just email me if you want something lol.

  2. Good episode. I remember trying to push through Ranma 1/2 and giving up. But I finished Inuyasha, though… Every five-hundred and something chapters… God, I thought I was going to die…

    On the matter of suggestions, could you review Miyazaki’s Spirited Away, or The Princess Bride? No, better yet. Robin Hood: Men in Tights. That one was just embarrassingly funny.

    • Hi Sylvia! Thanks for commenting! Since you’re a regular listener as well, would you want something free too? lol.

      Well, as far as Miyazaki movies go the next episode is Howl’s Moving Castle which should be out next week. I hope that scratches the itch for awhile? It’s definitely on the to do list, but since we just did a Miyazaki movie it might be awhile.

      I completely forgot about Robin Hood: Men in Tights! I watched that as a kid and I think half of the jokes flew right out of my head. It’s a good suggestion. I’ll stick that on our Master request list.

      We’ve tried recording Princess Bride before way back as episode two but had a hard time of it. I think I’ll slot it after Last Unicorn (what I hope to record next) as long as its cool with Mel. I think we might have gotten better enough at this talking thing (or bs’ing) that it might work this time.

      Email me if you want something free Sylvia!

      To Tora-chan: Oh and Tora chan, your free anime dvd is on its way! Uh, I hope you have a way to play Region 1 dvds…? ^_^;;

  3. This episode is great. I love your podcast. I’ve listened to most of them and I’m a subscriber on iTunes. I’ve recently started watching Ranma 1/2 and I love it. Your podcast made me want to check it out. I think all your podcasts are very funny and I’ve listened to them multiple times. Thanks for making all these great podcasts.

    • That’s awesome Panting Pink! I’m glad we were able to recommend something that you like. I love when people check out things I recommend. It’s a great ego boost.

      And multiple times? Wow. Thank you so much that’s very flattering. ^_^

  4. Boy do I miss Ranma. My Dad had all the DVDs and I remember one summer in college I just watched every single episode in several crazy marathons. I would recommend that you guys read the manga, it goes quite a bit further than the anime.

    Also, I feel I have to say that Akane is never really “going after” Ranma like the other girls, she just gets possessive/defensive/ticked/etc if another girl goes after him. Classic, cute tsundere-ness. Although I was never really invested too much in their relationship.

    Ranma’s mom, in the manga, has to be one of the most hilarious characters in the series. The whole concept around her character is just… awesome. I grin just thinking about it…

    Haven’t finished the episode, but will soon! Looking forward to more. :)


    • Thanks for the reply! I’m not sure I’ll ever go back and read Ranma. Rumiko Takahashi’s writing style hasn’t aged well. I’m also not into episodic shows anymore. I think my attention span has gotten worse as I got older not better. I might watch Maison Ikkoku if there’s a dub though.

      • Indeed there is a dub of Maison Ikkoku and you can probably find the whole of it on Youtube. Be warned: it’s very long and starts to drag, but it DOES reach a fine conclusion.

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