Princess Bride

Princess Bride DVD CoverTalking about the film The Princess Bride is hard.

It’s not that it’s a particularly deep film with all of this hidden subtext.   In fact, it’s a pretty straight forward film of swash buckeling adventure where true love conquers all and the heroes ride off into the sunset at the end. This film isn’t good because it’s wrapped in a crunchy shell of childhood nostalgia.   It’s actually good.   And when films are  actually good, they’re very very hard to make fun of.

And here at the Fantasy Movie Podcast we’re all about making fun of things.

That’s the main reason why we put off podcasting about this movie.   We tried to make a go of it this episode, and I’m not sure how well we pulled it off.   How do you think we did listeners?

Thanks for requesting this film Sylvia!

If you want to request what fantasy movie we discuss, complain how we didn’t do this film justice, ask us to forward money to Nigeria, or make a general comment about the podcast, please comment below!


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11 thoughts on “Princess Bride

  1. Another nice episode. I really like this movie, and I’m always excited whenever I see that you guys have put out a new episode.
    Keep up the good work!

    • Hi Joakim! Thanks for posting. :) It’s great to know that people are listening. Don’t forget you can recommend stuff still if you want(we’ve actually gotten a sizable amount of the requests filled).

  2. Another fun episode. Too bad that I have not seen the movie yet, but I’ll make sure to do so in the future.

    BTW, are you doing a Satoshi Kon episode? If you do, I think Paprika would be a good choice.

    • We’re probably not going to do a Satoshi Kon episode anytime soon. For October we’re going to do Halloween themed movies and in December Christmas movies. I dunno, I admit neither Melanie or I were too hot on the idea. Satoshi Kon movies might be too err… smart for us to review.

      You’ve never seen Princess Bride? Ah man, your in for a treat!

  3. Thanks for doing my request! And you’re right. Cary Elwes is so pretty in that film…

    Fun listening to you two, like it always is. Especially since I requested this :3 On the subject of requests (and I seem to do nothing but requests when commenting here. Well, why wouldn’t I, you people are just that fun *flatters you shamelessly*) Would you consider doing an episode on Fables? I know you talked about it a bit in the Indie Comics special, but since I’ve gone hooked on it (all thanks to you, bad, bad podcasters) and I just think it is that good as to deserve a space to itself.

    And, if you think this isn’t that swell an idea, what about the Looking For Group webcomic. You may have heard of it or you may have not, but it doesn’t take that long to read, it’s funny (and gory) as hell, and… Well, funny.

    From A Person Who Is Now A Comic Addict. Ok, Not Really, But Almost.

  4. Well, if you’re doing Christmas movies in December, why not review Tokyo Godfathers then? It takes place at Christmas and is more light-hearted and straight-forward than Kon’s other works.

    • I liked Tokyo Godfathers, I just don’t think it fits with our fantasy theme of the podcast. Maybe we can talk about it if we ever do an anime movie recommendation special?

  5. Wow, what a way to start the podcast. You two girls are friggin hilarious. 😀

    I never would have thought of this before, but I just published a fanfic (my first one) and totally stole the whole “kid-interrupting-scene-change” mechanic! And it really works, too, it’s an interesting way to quickly switch settings in the narrative. At least, I think so. I guess Princess Bride is in my subconcious pretty deep (even though I have only watched it like 3 or 4 times).

    UGH, “were-rat” would have been horrible! “ROUS” was meant to be silly and charming. :)

    “Death! *gasp* … Snu-snu! *oh, cool*” Futurama reference, well done.

    The speculation that Wesley and Buttercup were the only two people on that farm and running the whole thing was hilarious to me, for some reason.

    The swordfight sequence is probably the greatest swordfight choreography of all time. Simply incredible stuff.
    Btw, Kasey, basic stage fencing is actually easy to learn. But looking cool while doing it takes LOTS of practice. When I did it, I was like “I AM SO AWESOME!” And then I saw the video of it and I was all slouched and looked lazy and pathetic.

    Don’t be hard on yourselves, guys, this was really a very funny and charming podcast. :)


    • My problem would be I wouldn’t want to learn stage fencing I’d want to learn how to fight for reals with a sword as if that situation would ever come up. lol It’d probably be really hard for me not to be pragmatic about it and not want to close up openings and such even if it hides the action from the “audience”. I’ve got a few years of martial arts experience so that might work against me. lol

      I’m glad you’re still enjoying the podcast. :)

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