Once Upon a Time – Season One

Once Upon a Time is a current (as of August 2012) television series that airs on U.S television on ABC. This episode we discuss the first season which aired fall 2011 through spring 2012. The series stars Jennifer Morrison, Ginnifer Goodwin, and Lana Parilla. And most importantly it has accomplished a miracle.

Yes folks, this is a fantasy series that wasn’t canceled within three episodes.

The plot is this: An evil queen enacts a curse upon fairytale characters that bring them to our world where they have no idea who they are. Every character is trapped in a confused haze where they can’t clearly see their future or their past and where time stands still in a small Maine town. But one woman from our world is destined to break their curse… if only her adopted son she’d given away a decade before can convince her that it is real.

The show flashes back and forth between the fantasy world and the real world so you get well acquainted with the characters pasts and how the curse has changed them in our world. It’s a brilliant set up, because you get the fantastical elements juxtaposed upon the real world which hooks fantasy geeks like me and has just enough real world elements to keep the average viewer who might want to keep a bit more grounded.

The characters are what really shine in this episode. Regina is a character you love to hate and Emma is badass while still maintaining a vulnerable core. They twist most of the fairytales in ways you don’t expect which keeps the show from being a rehash of stories you’ve heard many times before.

Half of this episode WILL NOT be spoilers and the other half will be full of spoilers. We clearly state in the episode when we’re about to discuss spoilers. There are only spoilers for season one. When we recorded this episode there were no spoilers for season two available.


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7 thoughts on “Once Upon a Time – Season One

  1. totally a fables rip off! actually the writers were made aware of the comics and vise versa, and they all agree that they are similar but very different.

    i like the show. when i started watching it i looked at megan and said that i would be super pissed if the sheriff turn out to be the big bad wolf, and sighed a relief when that wasn’t the case.

    i felt that the story dragged on in parts and some plots where just added to fill up the episode quota, but i like the over-arching story of the show.

    the only downside is that this means that the fables show will probably never happen. NOOOOOOOOO!

    • I was surprised in general what they did with the Sheriff. I did not see the conclusion of his story coming at all (sorry trying to vague it up here to avoid spoilers).

      I think they were padding out the main story too, but I rather like the padding. Like, Grumpy’s story wasn’t needed at all, but it was a really good side story.

      I wonder if Once Upon a Time didn’t come about from the remnants of the attempted Fables series. Like the executives liked the idea of a series that used fairytales but wanted something they could outright own?

  2. considering that abc had commissioned two different pilots for the fable series, i don’t doubt that they hadn’t read the series, but i don’t believe their story about having never heard of it before. it does seem like they two writers who pitched the show did come up with the story independently of disney and disney/abc picked it up because they would no longer have to pay for the royalties for the book.

    although, disney acquisition of marvel might also have something to do with it. since fables is a dc comic, and that would look weird that they would produce an adaptation of a comic from a rival company.

    maybe, since dc is owned by warner bros., they’ll make a fables show on the wb. the only downfall would be that it would be instantly lauded as being a once upon a time rip off, despite the source material being older than ouat. similar to vampire diaries being compared to twilight even though its based on, like, a 15-year-old book series, or everyone saying that john carter was derivative when the book was one of the first true sci-fi novels.

  3. I’ll guess you’ll have to be disappointed with me since I listened to the whole thing even though I haven’t seen the show. But by the time I’ll finally get to it I will have probably forgotten most of the spoilers anyway.

    I’m very exited for the Scott Pilgrim and Legend of Korra episodes, I’m especially curious about what you guys think about Korra.

    • I’m not sure if the Korra episode or the Scott Pilgrim one is coming next. We didn’t plan or research Korra before hand, so I’m not sure we had anything really interesting to say about it… We’ve got a third podcaster guest starring in the Scott Pilgrim one so that should at least be interesting.

      Can you get Once Upon a Time in Germany? I think you’d really enjoy it.

      • Sadly, Once Upon A Time will start airing next month, but only on a pay TV channel, which of course I don’t have. I hardly watch any TV as it is nowadays, because German TV is shit. I’ll guess I’ll wait for it to come out on DVD (if it actually gets released and the show isn’t canceled after 3 episodes).

        • you could always spoof your ip address and watch it on hulu or abc.com. i know that a lot of people do it in the u.s. to watch bbc shows before they export them over seas.

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