New totally awesome Itunes Icon!

Fantasy Movie Podcast Itunes IconThe super mega wonderfully talented SprinklexEater  has gifted the podcast with a new Itunes and  Album art  Icon!   Isn’t it pretty? We don’t have to use the ghetto pink and black icon anymore! Yeeeahhh!   We’re like all grown up now and stuff.   With  UNICORN POWAHH!

Please, go over to SprinklexEater’s deviantart  page and check out the rest of her stuff. I really like her quirky sense of style.   I’m particularly fond of her chubby unicorn pic.   Her style vaguely reminds me of Jhonen Vasquez’s work, which is a double plus in my book.

SprinkexEater Deviantart link:   

Also, the next episode discussing Coraline should be up this weekend.

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