Merlin Season 1-2

Merlin CastMerlin also known as The Adventures of Merlin is a British BBC One TV show that started in 2008.   It was created by Julian Jones, Jake Michie, Julian Murphy and Johnny Capps.   As of this recording in May 2011 it has three television seasons with another slated for next autumn.   The series was created to be a family drama that children to grandparents could enjoy together.

PLOT: Camelot has outlawed magic.   Anyone seen practicing magic or helping someone practicing magic will be put to death by order of the king.   No exceptions.   Magical creatures are killed on sight, whether they are dangerous or not.   The king even killed every dragon in the land save one, which he imprisoned below the castle to serve as an example to anyone who dares to defy the King.

Merlin is sent to Camelot by his mother to stay with the Camelot royal physician named Gaius.   Through a series of fortunate (or unfortunate depending on who you ask) he comes to be the manservant of Prince Arthur.   Now, he must use his powers in secret to help Prince Arthur become a great king someday, knowing that if he is ever found out to be magical he would be put to death.

OH My God.   We must never talk this long again.   It took me 7 hours to edit this episode.   This episode covers only season 1-2 of Merlin.   There are no spoilers for season 3 and onward.   We might go back later and do another episode that covers season 3.   This series has some problems, but I think its a fun ride and worth the effort of tracking down if you’re a fantasy fan.   The first two episodes are a little rough, but the show continuously improves as it goes on.


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12 thoughts on “Merlin Season 1-2

  1. Just to be nitpicky, they are referred to as series in England, not seasons.

    I have only seen, like, one episode of Merlin, and it didn’t really resonate with me. but based on you guys, i’ll give it another chance.

    And if you hate the new star wars trilogy you should watch the Red Letter Media reviews, they are hilarious and very in dept as to why the movies sucked.

    … also, Professor Broom in Hellboy was the old man who raised Hellboy. and there is a story were batman beats the shit out of the joker for killing the second robin.

    Despite my job technically being an editor, I’m horrible at English and they don’t let me edit stories. And because i think of this quote whenever you read these… “They said my name!” – Kevin Smith

    • I actually knew about the season/series distinction. Most of our listeners are based in the U.S. so I figured I’d use season so as not to be confusing. You got me on Hellboy though. I really couldn’t remember which character the actor portrayed on Hellboy… I’ll be sure to check out those reviews you linked.

  2. Hi Kasey and Melanie

    It seems that I have been commenting on all your episodes recently.

    I had to comment on this one because I really like Merlin.

    This was a great episode of your show and I like the different takes you have on the characters and the show itself.

    I agree that the acting early on was rough. But I have found Bradley James especially and the others to be much better later in the show.

    By the way my favorite character is Gaius. He’s too cool, although why he trusts Merlin is beyond me. They are all a bunch of liars in Camelot.

    Thanks for creating the Fantasy Movie Podcast. It’s become one of my favorites and is fun to listen to.

    – Jeff

    • Bradley James really develops some charisma as the show goes along. I started to get why people would follow him. I hope you stick around and keep listening to us Jeff. :)

  3. Good to see another episode. And they just keep getting longer.

    I don’t know, for some reason I really cannot get interested in this series. Not when people on my friends list talk about it or even when you two described it, there doesn’t seem to be anything that makes me want to watch this. Not your fault, just doesn’t seem like my cup of tea. Maybe this Sanctuary show is something I could get into.

    • That’s okay. :) I would never have kept watching it myself if I hadn’t been watching it with my mother who was really into it from the get go. I think its an acquired taste. Or I’ve got Stockholm syndrome. lol

  4. Hi guys! Love the podcast! You’re super funny! I would like to request that you review the TV series Dragon Ball Z. It’s kinda ridiculous, but I’m obsessed with it and think you guys would really like it ,too! I must warn it pretty long but, if I do say so myself, the best anime show ever. (Right up there with Avatar).


    • Hi Lea! Just wanted to let you know I didn’t receive your message until we had already recorded the newest episode so we won’t be able to reply on air until the next one after that. I didn’t want you to think we snubbed you or anything.

      Anyways, about DBZ… Sorry I can’t see that ever happening. If I didn’t like DBZ over a decade ago, I’m not going to be more forgiving now. It’s not a bad show, just not my cup of tea and I know Melanie feels the same. Sorry again. I’m glad your enjoying it though. Despite my personal opinion of the show, I know objectively there must be something to an anime that can keep being popular for more than 15 years.

  5. I think you guys would enjoy the made-for-tv movie “The Dreamer of Oz” starring John Ritter as L. Frank Baum. I’d been looking for this movie for awhile when I finally found it (although in pieces) on youtube. The only other place I could find it was as a special feature on the 70th Anniversary of “The Wizard of Oz.”

    Judging from the comment about it on, the youtube video is the same as what is on the DVD. The qualities not that great, but it’s still watchable and still holds up to my childhood memory of it.

    • The Dreamer of Oz sounds interesting, but we probably shouldn’t do a movie that’s really hard to find. I’ll try to check it out for myself though.

  6. I really enjoyed the podcast and would love to hear you take on the third season. Things really kicked in to high gear and got a little more mature ( the kisses between the characters of Gwen and Arthur I mean the film the show in France but well watch and yo will see)

    posted by: Tasha on 2011-07-08 01:59:49

    • Hi Tasha! We might do a podcast on the third season. Melanie might be finally done with it by now.

      I thought the third season was really good as long as I ignored how randomly evil Morganna got. Arthur and Merlin’s relationship finally felt special and brotherly. I thought Arthur was finally starting to feel impressively kingly too. In the earlier seasons I felt it hard to buy that he was going to be this great legend, but in season three he definitely brought the charisma. I really wonder what they’re going to do with Uther… Will he be crazy now? Oooh, and I hope that Lancelot and Gwain stay as major characters. :)

      I can’t wait for the fourth season.

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