Legend Movie PosterLegend is a 1986 fantasy film directed by Ridley Scott of Blade Runner and Alien fame. It stars Tom Cruise, Mia Sara, and Tim Curry. The plot of the movie is that there’s an evil red demon dude who wants to destroy all goodness and light in the world because he’s evil and that’s what evil dudes do. He gets his chance when a young girl taints a unicorn by touching it, allowing darkness and his minions to kill one of the unicorns and plunge the world into eternal winter.

I’m surprised we haven’t done this movie yet. Its one of the quintessential eighties fantasy films alongside Black Crystal, Labyrinth, and the Neverending Story.   It’s a film that holds up pretty well as long as you watch the director’s cut.     Unlike most director’s cuts, the theatrical version and the director’s cut of legend are drastically different.   The latter even makes sense! If you’ve never seen this movie definitely check it out and if you’ve only ever seen the theatrical version, you should try the vastly improved director’s cut.


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6 thoughts on “Legend

  1. Hey Kasey and Melanie

    This was a great episode. And not just the fine editing and pacing; it was very interesting and I learned quite a few cool things about Legend.

    I saw this movie in the theater and have not seen it since. After listening to your show I need to track down the director’s cut and give it a watch.

    Thanks for the podcast.


    • Thanks Jeff! I really appreciate knowing my editing has gotten better. I was averaging about an hour for every ten minutes of podcast. I wonder if it takes everyone else who sounds decent this long or if I’m don’t know about some important editing shortcuts?

      You really should track down the director’s cut. It still has some problems, but its a vastly better movie to the original.

  2. I don’t think I’ve seen the directors cut, but I do remember rewatching it a few years back and being slightly disappointed and confused by it.

    Also the set that they built for the forest was pretty much a small man-made forest, complete with real animals and plants. I remember watching the behind-the-scenes on the DVD that talked about it raining and fogging inside of the hanger. But, it was pretty bizarre that the whole thing burned down as soon as they were done filming. So much for reshoots.

    On a side note, I used the website http://ifttt.com/ to notify me via txt message whenever a new episode is posted of the podcast. If anyone else wants it, I’ll make it public.

  3. Sadly I’ve never even seen this movie, I only saw some pics of Tim Curry in the red demon outfit (reminds me of the Dungeon Keeper video game, though the horns are different). Of course Germany gets stiffed again when it comes to DVDs and here the DVD is only of the theatrical version in crappy quality with no extras.

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