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Scott PilgrimThis is the  Indie Comics Special broadcasting straight into your brain like a laser beam of the future (sort of).   Indie comics are comics from independent publishers, although the term is commonly used to refer to comics that aren’t D.C or Marvel comics.   These comics tend toward non-superhero themes and cover just as wide an array of genres, topics, and themes as manga.   I never understood why indie comics aren’t well known with manga fans.   Are they just stuck on the stigma that all american comics are superheroes?

Unlike most episodes, this one does NOT have spoilers.   Since indie comics aren’t as well known as they should be, we decided to do three recommendations instead of our usual analysis.

Series we recommend on this episode are:

If anyone is wondering about the random Charlie nonsense we’re referring to Charlie the Unicorn to annoy  Melanie’s friend Charlie who requested we review Fables.


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8 thoughts on “Indie Comics SPECIAL

  1. Lovely episode ladies as always I have gotten out of the manga phase thank god. The older I get the more I want to go back in time and smack myself for my stupidity as a teen.

    Hopefully me being 21 I will have better reading material now and actually read good things instead of romance that makes me feel like I’m high off pixie sticks.

    Now as for the ep. I have read Courtney Crumrin only because I had devoured my libraries source of manga and my library is awesome about comics and I picked it up good. I recently saw Scott pilgrim it was an awesome movie I recommend it.

    I hope to read Polly and the Pirates because I do love girl-powered stories. I have been reading a bunch of online comics online being my biggest hangout when I want something good to read and its free so yay. But just a quick comment wasn’t dark horse a publishing company I could have sworn it published like Hellboy or something right.

    Anyways nice podcast I have only recently been playing caught up to the podcasts ( my computer died and I haven’t been listening )

    And also happy 20th ep. podcast I hope to hear more from y’all.


    • A good girl-powered online comic is Girl Genius if you haven’t read that one already. On a random note, you should harass your library into getting Polly and the Pirates. And I need to buy Courtney Crumrin… its kind of high priced though for the number of pages it is. ^_^;

      Yeah, Dark Horse is another publisher, but since they’re into some big properties like Buffy the Vampire Slayer I sort of hesitate to call them indie these days. Have you read any of Hellboy? I’ve read a little. Its an interesting comic, but a lot more serious than the movies. I think I like the funnier slant of the movies a bit more.

  2. A good episode over all. didn’t care for a few spots. you know which ones i mean Mel!
    as far as i know, Bill Willingham is and has been the only writer for the series. i think there’s another guy that writes the Jack spinoff series.
    i put a link to the show on my blog.

  3. Late comment is late, because I only just got around to listen to this podcast. Anyway, interesting pick for your comics episode. I really want to read Scott Pilgrim, but I already read so much other stuff, I don’t know when I’ll get around to it. Of course, now I want to know what you guys thought off the movie if you’ve seen it.

    Never heard of Polly and the Pirates, but it sounds like something I might give a try in the future.

    I love Fables too, I ‘ve read up to Vol. 6 and the special 1000 Nights of Snow White. Have you guys heard that they’re going to turn the comics into a tv show?
    As for the whole manga vs. US comics, I think another problem is that many mainstream titles like Superman or X-Men have been running for decades and that tends to turn people of. Same with the series going on forever, at least mangas stop at some point. And not that I don’t like US comics, even the mainstream stuff, but mangas just offer more variety and books targeted at a female audience.

    Also, may I offer a suggestion for a future podcast? With the recent passing of Satoshi Kon, whose work I love with all my heart, maybe you could do some kind of tribute or review one of his works.

    • Satoshi Kon died?! Awww man… He wasn’t even that old! He was one of the last great anime directors… :(

      We might do one of his works. Maybe Paprika? I’ve been meaning to watch it anyways. I’ll have to get a hold of Mel and ask her opinion.

      The next episode is The Last Unicorn since it’s already been recorded, but we might do a Satoshi Kon episode after that.

      I didn’t know about a Fables tv show. That could be pretty cool. It’d be even cooler if the Jim Henson studio got involved.

  4. NBC had commissioned a script for a Fables series in 2005 for the ’06-’07 season. It never made it past the script stage. Then in 2008, ABC announced that they had picked up the rights to make a show based on the comic. I’ve heard that they’ve made a pilot, but that’s pretty much where the trail ends as far as a TV series goes. I remember thinking that the first book would make a great movie. And for some reason, probably because Bigby looks a lot like Wolverine, I think that Hugh Jackman should play him.

    Also, why don’t you guys do ANY research on the subject of the show. Any additional info you have about the shows/comics/books/whatever is mostly “Well, I heard once that…” or “Didn’t he also do this?” Is it really too much to ask that you open up one Wikipedia page?

  5. Awesome podcast ladies. Have been following you for a little while and I’m definitely going to check out some of them comics. Keep up the good work!

  6. Hey girls, great podcast. It is nice having one without spoilers occasionally :) I just wanted to comment that I actually saw the Scott Pilgrim movie before I got into the comics, and I thought Michael Cera did a great job. I’m not all the way through the comics yet, but he seemed to pull off Scott’s stealth geek badassry very well to me. I was a little afraid he was going to be in ‘Bluth’ mode the whole movie, but he showed more versatility than I expected especially during the crazy action scenes. So I was pleasantly surprised, and I can’t wait to see the movie again.

    I’ve also read Vasquez’s Johnny the Homicidal Maniac and Squee books, and I highly recommend both. They can be very dark (Johnny does murder lots of people, but for very good reason) but you get used to it a lot faster than you’d think. I love the ‘Meanwhiles’ ( hilarious unrelated side stories), and I think those are all in the Squee paperback. Happy Noodle Boy is awesome.

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