Hook! Hook! Where is the Hook?!

Hook Movie PosterArrrrgh mateys! Ye be listening to our review of the 1991 fantasy movie Hook!   In this movie there be the scallywags Robin Williams as Peter Panning and that scurvy dog Dustin Hoffman as Captain Hook. Swab the poop deck and be ready to eat a parrot! Arrrrrgh!

Ok, enough of that.

Hook is the story of a grown up Peter Pan who has forgotten everything about Neverland.   One day Captain Hook shows up and kidnaps his kids and he must regain his former glory to save them.

The movie was directed by Steven Spielburg and seems to get ragged on a lot by the internet.   But you won’t see that from here!   We both have rather fond memories of the movie and Roofio’s mysteriously dyed hair. In fact, if I ever meet Dante Bosco in real life, I vow to say, “Roofio you’re alive!”  Then he’d be like, “What the %$#@&* is wrong with you?! That was decades ago!”  Yeah, it’d be so worth it.

Also, I have trouble counting whores in this episode for some reason.


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3 thoughts on “Hook

  1. I can’t believe Dante Basco is still acting! This made me check out his IMDB entry – and he was in a ton of stuff – stuff I’ve seen and can’t remember him being in! But I was impressed he was in American Dragon: Jake Long.

    As a random thought – do you think you might be doing a piece on the NeverEnding Story? Man, I loved that movie. I had no idea it was German in origin. Could’ve knocked me down with a feather!

    Also – would you have guests? Like other friends/partners? Okay – I’ll shut up now.

    • We’re definitely doing NeverEnding story eventually. In fact, we were musing on what to record next and since you asked, we’ll do the Neverending story episode next! :) It won’t show up for awhile though, we’re about 4 episodes ahead of what we release.

      Have you read the book of The Neverending Story? The first part of the book is close to the first movie, and then it veers off into a much different story than the second movie. The book I read had red and blue text that varied depending on if you were reading about Atrayu or Sabastian. It was a neat read.

      As for guests… The only one that I was thinking about was getting the fanfiction author (and maybe his wife and beta reader too) of The Nightmares of Futures Past and Team 8 to come on when we eventually do either a Harry Potter fanfiction episode or a Naruto Fanfiction episode. They already said they’d be interested.

      That’s the only guest idea I have though. Unless Melanie has some ideas?

      • Thanks for putting the NeverEnding story up at bat.

        As for guests – know anybody who’s ever done any voice-over acting at all? That would be really interesting, because of the truly NeverEnding controversy of sub vs dub. And while I’m chasing that thought – how about anybody’s who’s ever done any translation for another language back or forth from English? Maybe there’s some scanlation person or someone out there you know…? (I don’t know anybody.)

        I read most of the NeverEnding Story book – but got a bit annoyed when I realized that the movie ended in the first third of the novel (if I remember correctly – this was a looooong time ago that I looked at either). Never saw the second or third movies. Don’t know why. Were they any good?

        The sense of that book was a bit heavier than the first movie and the characters were described in a way that didn’t jibe with the movie, which to my youthful mind seemed a bit off. (Oh – that was a thought for show as well – the idea of book v. movie.)

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