Welcome to the brand new Fantasy Movie Podcast website!

Welcome to the brand new Fantasy Movie Podcast website!  Now the blog won’t suck.  Who hoo.  Note that the podcast RSS feed will not change!  So no reason to change any subscription options.  The url won’t really change either as long as you have http://www.fantasymoviepodcast.com or http://fantasymoviepodcast.com bookmarked.  If you have the old libsyn address bookmarked (http://thepoweroffriendship.libsyn.com/)  please update your bookmarks because that site will no longer be updated.

We now have a competent commenting system on the blog! There are threaded comments, you can reply to one another, get notifications from other people who have replied to you, spellcheck your comments, have gravatars, etc.

The blog also is nicely indexed with podcast categories, tags, and an episode index listing what topics we cover in each episode.

We also have a FORUM! There’s not much there right now, but I hope we can grow it into a nice little community where people can chat about fantasy movies, tv series, and books.

12 thoughts on “Welcome to the brand new Fantasy Movie Podcast website!

    • I’m not too married to the masthead (that is the top logo image right?). I wanted to integrate some swirls into the main body layout so it would match better, but doing so proved to require too much php for me to pull off well (for now at least, I’m going to start reading my php book). I wanted to repeat the ‘big capital letter little capital letter’ deal too, but I couldn’t find a way through javascript or css attribute that would only transform only the first letter of a sentence. Really I think I’d need to edit the embeded font to give it lower case and name it into a new font. I think that might be too much work for little gain though.

      Got any suggestions on what might look good? I think it should use the same white font and there should be orange in it somehow… but other than I’m up for suggestions.

  1. You might want to try something called share this or add this. I forget which one it is. But it places a small dropdown menu that let’s people share on all social networks. I’d place one on the sidebar, to share the whole page and one on each post to share each episode. I think they make a wp plugin too.

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