Guest Appearance on Podcast Squared!

Kasey and Melanie have just made a guest appearance on Podcast Squared episode #89 Happy Sad. Podcast Squared is a podcast dedicated to discussing and reviewing other podcasts. We are amazingly funny. It may be the best interview ever given in the history of humanity. Listening to this could change your life. I guarantee it would cure baldness and allow you to reach a new level of enlightment.

Check it out: HERE.

2 thoughts on “Guest Appearance on Podcast Squared!

  1. Hey guy! First, love the podcast and I would love it if you could do a review of Black Butler. The accents are pretty horrible but I still love it! Pleases do a review of the first season! Thanks!

    p.s. It’s on Netflix so you can just stream it from there

    • Thank you for commenting. I personally love Black Butler, but it’s not something that would be Kasey’s cup of tea. I can see maybe if it were a movie but with it being a two season anime it probably won’t happen.

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