Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day PosterSo we tried to record and upload our Groundhog Day episode on actual Groundhog Day, but well… epic fail on our part.   At least, we made it to the same month.

Movie Synopsis:   Bill Murray plays a cynical weatherman named Phil  who is tasked with covering the Groundhog Day festival in Punxatawney PA.   Everything seems normal at first.  He covers the festival and has to stay in the town for an extra day due to a freak snow storm.   However, he wakes up the next day and its… Groundhog Day again.  He goes to sleep the next night and its… groundhog day again.   The day is repeating itself over and over and over and only Phil can tell.

This is Bill Murray’s best role, in my opinion.   He gives some depth and character to  a role that much have been quite challenging due to the flow of time in the movie (movies are usually filmed out of order).     This is a classic that everyone should see  more than once.   It  ironically stands up to multiple viewings quite well.   If you haven’t seen this, shame on you! Seriously, where have you been? Not knowing about this movie means you have a hole in your soul and you never even realized it!


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6 thoughts on “Groundhog Day

  1. Lovely episode ladies as always. But I haven’t seen this movie then again that doesn’t stop me from listening. But lets see ah things that I would do if the day repeats would probably just break into best buy , and get a big scene TV and watch a full buffy-thon or the rest of Dexster (I need to finish that series). As always thanks for the podcasts.

  2. Great episode you two. I’ve never actually seen Groundhog Day (I’ve wanted to, but it’s hard to find around here for some reason) and I wasn’t quite sure what it was about. I don’t know, if I was stuck in a never-ending loop, I’d probably do something similar to Monica G. except raid the library or something… But I guess I’d get bored of it and end up trying to get out of it like anyone else, if only for the sake of not having the bloody same conversation every single day XD

    Speaking of requests (and I know you didn’t, but after all, it seems to be the only productive thing I do when I comment on this site) I know you mostly do older films, but what about the newer ones, like the more recent Dreamworkds productions? How To Train Your Dragon was of course an awesomely deep thing all by it self (I feel so silly writing that) and Megamind for example really makes a point of twisting, turning upside down and relishing every superhero cliché it can get it’s hands on. And the soundtracks from both films are just gorgeous…

    Anyway, I’ll stop gushing (for now) and look forward to when you put up your next episode :)

    • How to Train your Dragon is definitely on the list. I watched it about a month ago and loved it. I haven’t seen Megamind yet (I’m going to Netflix it though). One of the reasons we do mostly older films are because they are shows we’ve seen before and know they can make a good podcast. The times we’ve attempted to watch shows for the first time for the podcast didn’t turn out very well. For instance, we tried recording a podcast about this movie called 9 (a cgi film produced by Tim Burton). We got about 10 minutes and then had nothing else to say…

      Having said that though, we definitely still take requests. Some of the things that have been requested we’re still planning on doing too. For instance, Spirited Away is coming this year, I’m just waiting on the Blue-Ray version to come out.

      On a random note, I’m surprised there are people who haven’t seen Groundhog Day. They play it on TV a lot over here in the States.

      Thanks so much for commenting! :)

  3. First of all, thanks for the shout out.

    Now on to the subject, I’m so happy to see you two review this movie cause I love it so. I even saw it in theaters back in the day, but since I was only 11 a lot of Bill Murrays subtle humor went over my head. So re-watching it as an adult was really something and made the movie even better for me.

    As for what I would do if I was stuck in a time loop? No clue, probably something similar to what Monica and Sylvia would do and watch and read a lot of stuff I haven’t had the time to now. Maybe learn a new language or an instrument.

    And since you reviewed this movie, which isn’t a typical fantasy movie, may I suggest a review of Stranger Than Fiction with Will Ferrell?

  4. Bill Murray was not in Animal House, but still good movie/podcast.
    Here is an excellent article that analyzes how long Bill Murray had spent stuck in Punxsutawney.

    A Christmas Story is only a classic now because they could get the tv rights CHEAP! But I still like it.

    Melanie, you could play Megaman and still progress by using the codes.

    Also, what was that you suggested i do at the end? I couldn’t make it out.

    Also, can’t wait for GB3!

    • Melanie said the phrase “I’m trying to think of the boobies” during the podcast. I thought that would be funny taken out of context and suggested you cut that bit out of the mp3 file and put it on your phone to annoy Melanie at work. I guess my enunciation is still kind of muddy when I talk.

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