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Funny fanfiction related gif  This episode we discuss fanfiction! Fanfiction, for anyone not in the know, is fiction written by fans of series/books/movies etc. of properties they do not own. They make no money off of their fanfiction.   The quality can range from better than the original to ‘oh my god a monkey has learned how to type?!

We do have some background in fanfiction.   Both of us are fanfiction writers, and have probably read more fanfiction than is medically recommended over the years.   However, we’re no experts by any means. In this episode, we cover a wide range of sub topics.   Some of the topics we discuss include:   leaving feedback for fanfiction, out of character tags (OOC), shipping, original characters in fanfiction, Mary Sues, lemons, MMPreg, crossovers, and authors who hate fanfiction of their work.

The specific examples we use to illustrate our points mostly come from anime fanfiction.   For example, Kasey expresses her undying hatred of Sasuke/Hinata stories (stay away from her you bastard!), Melanie attempts to explain MMpreg, no one can remember the name of the 10th Kingdom miniseries, and neither of us understand why high school Naruto fics are so popular.   Although, having the Akatsuki work at Hot Topic makes perfect sense.

Also, if anyone were to ever write a GTO/Utena crossover, Kasey would be your BFF forevah and evah.

This episode will have a slight echo if you listen to it with very high quality headphones. I edited it once, but didn’t realize it had an echo until I was listening on my expensive headphones.   I painstakingly edited it again, but Audacity corrupted the file when I was almost done.   I apologize, but after 10 hours of the second edit, I just need to walk away from this or forfeit my sanity.
We also start saying curse words this episode, because editing them out is too much work.

Series Mentioned: Naruto, One Piece, Great Teacher Onizuka, Utena, 10th Kingdom

Fanfics mentioned:   Diplomatic Relations, Time and Time Again, For the Love of My Friends

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3 thoughts on “Fanfiction SPECIAL

  1. You briefly brushed up against AU, but didn’t talk about it in any length. While there’s no world outside canon world for some people, there are people interested in the characters outside the established universe – and how they handle different situations. (Raises hand sheepishly.)

    Also, maybe the topic of “crack” (did I just put that in quotes?) would have been interesting, if random.

    Anyway, keep up the good work – it’s nice to see the progression of the casts and their steady improvement.

    • Ooooh, I think you’re right. We missed talking about crack fics. We plan on doing shows about Harry Potter fanfiction and Naruto fanfiction eventually, so maybe we can touch on crack fics within those.

      Thank you for listening! I really appreciate hearing from our listeners.

    • I KNEW we didn’t do something justice. Thing is though with fanfiction as a topic the podcast could’ve gone on for a LOT longer. I also have been reading some AU fics as of late. It takes the right kind of author though to make the characters stay believable. XD I’m a loving fan of cracktastic pairings… well most of them.

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