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We hadn’t done an anime in a long time, and it was apparently for good reason.   It took us forever to watch this!

Escaflowne is an odd mish-match of shojo and shonen elements with genres like fantasy, mechas, and romance all thrown into one big bowl and mixed around to varying degrees of success.   The story follows a typical Japanese high school girl named Hitomi Kanzaki.   Hitomi is fond giving tarot card readings and running track.   One day a mysterious boy with a sword shows up, and she’s suddenly transported to the fantasy world of Gaia.   There her tarot card readings becoming very accurate and she’s thrust into an epic war.

We remembered this show being better, for some reason. It’s not terrible by any stretch of the imagination, but it certainty didn’t hold up to scrutiny ten years after our original viewing.


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8 thoughts on “Escaflowne

  1. Cool podcast, I was wondering what was keeping you; Liked the theme at the ending, too. I had a constant sense of Dejá Vu while listening to it for some reason, which is odd, because I’ve never even heard of Escaflowne before…

    I know you mostly do animes and films, but could you do the book Good Omens at any given point? Don’t know if you’ve read it or not, of course. But since it’s a really good book (from my point of view anyway) which still has a thriving fandom after twenty years despite being not hugely known, I would make for an interesting listen :)

    • Oh! I didn’t know Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchet made a collaboration. I’ve been looking for a new audio book to listen to while at work. I can’t make any promises on podcasting, but I’ll definitely check it out.

      We could do a fantasy novel recommendations special sometime I suppose. That would still be on topic. The next episode is going to be The Nightmare Before Christmas though.

  2. Hi Kasey and Melanie

    This was a good podcast, although I’ve never seen the show probably never will. lol

    The new intro music is good and that last music at the end was also good. I wonder who owns the rights to that end music.

    Hi Melanie I have a specific question for you. Are you over your sickness yet? Hope you feel better soon.

    Anyway thanks for the episode and I’m looking forward to Nightmare.


    posted by: Jeff on 2010-12-07 19:20:25

    • Yeah, I totally went pirate on the music this time. I think it’ll be okay as long as I don’t make a habit of it… and as long as we never become popular. lol Thanks for listening! I’ll make sure to change your link when you move your podcast site url.

  3. I was wondering why there weren’t any new podcasts. Great review of the show. Too bad it doesn’t seem to have held up as well as I have hoped, but I guess it really isn’t as interesting if you already know what is going to happen.

    I totally agree on the ending, that was just pointlessly mean of the creators. I mean, they couldn’t give us some hope that Hitomi and Van will see each other again? Even Utena gave us that much. Btw, couldn’t you also do a Utena review at some point, that would be awesome.

    • I also think Utena is awesome. It just recently got rereleased on dvd too. It’s super intimidating though, since it’s so smart and deep. We won’t do an anime for awhile, but Utena is a series I do want to get to eventually. I think the ending for that series was actually pretty satisfying.

  4. Hi Kasey
    I mentioned your music at the end because it’s so good I want to steal it for my own show. :) But I won’t do that. I will find some kind of podsafe music somewhere.

    Also we watched Ponyo the other day. A nice movie with great visuals.

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