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Dragon Age Origins Box ArtThis is a special episode where we review not a fantasy movie, but a fantasy game.  Dragon Age: Origins is a 2009 western role playing game from Bioware for the PC, Xbox 360, and ps3.  In this game you choose one of six different origins, choose between three classes, pick your gender, and create the look of your character.  The storyline isn’t anything too unusual.  You’re a special warrior that is called upon to save the land from darkness, but the game really shines in the writing.  The world is detailed and well realized.  Characters feel like real people.  Your choices mold how the story progresses and ends so you feel emersed in this world like few others.

We were intending to have this game only cover Dragon Age: Origins, but Dragon Age 2 (the sequel) had recently came out and bits of it kept slipping into the podcast.  We were both only in Act I of Dragon Age 2 when we recorded this so there aren’t any Dragon Age: 2 storyline spoilers.  However, we do speak at length about the game mechanics and how they compare to the previous game.  We also talk at length on video game rpgs in general.

And we complain.  A lot.


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4 thoughts on “Dragon Age

  1. Well, you sure weren’t kidding when you said you guys were going to complain a lot in this review. Seems like it was more complaining how the new game is inferior to the original. I wish you would have talked more about the actual plot of the first Dragon Age. I mean, what kind of world is it, what’s your goal? But I think I’ll check it out anyway, because I’m also pretty tired out on JRPGs (not that I was that much of a fan in the first place).

    • Crap. We did totally forget to describe the storyline of Origins didn’t we? Before we recorded I had fully planned for the episode to be a Dragon Age: Origins love fest but just… something happened. I guess I had hate lurking in my heart or something? I don’t know… Melanie and I hadn’t spoken at all about the game yet, so I guess we were talking more as if we were chatting in real life and less like we were hosting a podcast.

      I prefer the podcast to be more positive. I love Origins after all. I could gush about it for hours. I had an unhealthy obession with Alistair (he’s my dream man). But somehow, the episode got bogged down by Dragon Age 2 discussion. I seriously thought about not releasing this episode, at all. I apologize for how this episode turned out. It came out okay, but I feel we didn’t do the game justice at all.

      Ironically, I do think you’ll have a better experience with the game without knowing anything about it. I impulse bought it originally, and discovering everything was a real joy. It’s the kind of game that works best without being spoiled. When you discover the world along with your character, it feels extra immersive.

  2. I hope this isn’t a duplicate…I am not sure my post went through.

    ok. So Kasi your review of Dragon Age 2 matches my experience. I was sorely disappointed with it.

    It’s weird because the reviews are quite positive – folks seem to really like it. I found it to be shallow and repetitive.

    The first game was fabulous. If only our avatar had been able to speak in that one.

    I worry that Bioware has succumbed to the EA quality curse.

    Thanks for the podcast, pretty much my favorite one you guys have done.

    • Yeah, the EA curse defintly seems to be in affect. They so did not give Bioware enough time either. I just hope it doesn’t mess up Mass Effect 3.

      posted by: Kasey on 2011-04-13 23:02:35

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