Doctor Who Series 1-6 SPECIAL!

logomainYeah, Doctor Who isn’t fantasy it’s sci-fi. So we’re bringing you a Fantasy Movie Podcast SPECIAL about Doctor Who! This way we can talk about Doctor Who and still feel like we’re not deluding the podcast’s theme. It’s a win/win right?

In this episode, we dicuss the new Doctor Who series’ (or seasons for us yanks) 1-6. There are no series seven spoilers in this podcast. We also don’t discuss much of the classic Who series. If you haven’t seen any Doctor Who this isn’t a very good introduction too it. We spoil major plot points even more than we usually do. This is for people who are already fans of the series. If you haven’t seen it, check out the trailer below and see if it piques your interest. This Doctor Who episode was requested by several listeners. I hope we don’t disapoint!

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2 thoughts on “Doctor Who Series 1-6 SPECIAL!

  1. Hello, guys! I haven’t disappeared again, the comment section was just being a bastard to me, since I don’t actually have a facebook. It was really fun to hear your opinion and perspective on the series (and also reminded me that I have to get back up to date with the current Doctor…)
    I’ve also got a blog now, should you be curious, in which I talk about… stuff. It doesn’t seem to have anything much in common, except being stuff that I like and find amazing.
    Just keep up the good work and keep making the internet an awesome place :)

    • I’m sorry for the confusion with the comment section. I guess you’ve figured this out already, but you don’t have to log on with anything including the website. You can just type your name and email and your comment and hit submit. All I have to do is approve that email once and the site remembers it and automatically approves it.

      I’m glad you enjoyed our Doctor Who Special.

      I bookmarked your blog. :)

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