Corpse Bride

Corpse BrideThis episode was way easy to edit.   I think Melanie and I leveled up our talking skills.

The Corpse Bride is a 2005 film directed by Tim Burton and Mike Johnson.   The film is set in Victorian era England where the son of a rich fish monger, Victor, is to be engaged to the daughter of an ‘old money’ couple named Victoria.   The match is a business arrangement.   Love isn’t even a factor.   However, when the two young people  meet they hit it off right away.   Unfortunately, Victor is so nervous he screws up the wedding reception and after a stroke of bad luck, accidentally marries a dead  woman named Emily.

This is a great stop motion film that’s surprisingly touching and romantic despite its horror appearance.   The Corpse Bride seems like she’d be a horror from the underworld who rises from the dead to exact revenge upon the living, but she’s actually a sweet tragic heroine who you really feel for even if she’s scary looking.

We tried to do a little more research for this review than normal, and hopefully it shows.


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6 thoughts on “Corpse Bride

  1. Hello Kasey and Melanie,

    I thought this episode was really smooth and just well done. I like the Johnny Depp and Tim Burton combo they do good work together.

    On a separate note, do you have plans to do Coraline?

    Thanks for the podcast,

    • Hi Jeff. Yeah, Corraline is on my big list of stuff I want to do. Its a really cute movie. I saw it in the theaters a few years back. I’m not sure when we’ll get to it though.

  2. Hi there. I thought this episode was very well done, and there were no parts where you ran out of things to talk about, so I give this a 9/10 (not ten, because when you make an even better one I won’t be able to up the grades 😛

    Now, I am going to go watch Corpse Bride. I really need to see more films by Burton…

    Also: Jey for a podcast about Nightmare Before Christmas. :)

  3. I have to third the sentiment that this was a very good episode. I really liked your comments about how the underworld is more lively and fun than the world of the living.

    And yay for Escaflowne, that was a great show. Question: Are you only going to talk about the TV series or are you also going to include the movie?

    • Well were going to rewatch the tv series. We’ve seen the movie before but it was years ago. Hmm, I’ll try to rewatch the movie if I’ve got enough time. I’ll mention it to Mel too. At the very least, I’ll make sure to refresh my memory about it.

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