Guest Appearance on Podcast Squared!

Kasey and Melanie have just made a guest appearance on Podcast Squared episode #89 Happy Sad. Podcast Squared is a podcast dedicated to discussing and reviewing other podcasts. We are amazingly funny. It may be the best interview ever given in the history of humanity. Listening to this could change your life. I guarantee it would cure baldness and allow you to reach a new level of enlightment.

Check it out: HERE.

Guest Host Appearance on the Midnight Movie Club!

Kasey has just made a guest host appearance on Lee and Dan’s Midnight Movie Club!  There she discusses the 1983 fantasy movie Krull which was disapointingly not about barbarians.  It sounds like it should be a movie involving dudes in loinclothes right? But alas, there are no dudes in loin clothes.  There is a cyclops, magical horses, marriage rites involving fire, kids choosing puppies over dead relatives, and a horny evil lizard man.

It was a pretty weird movie.