Beetlejuice Movie PosterToday’s episode was requested by Monica G who wanted ‘something by Tim Burton’.   So not only are we giving you today’s episode Beetlejuice, we’re giving you The Corpse Bride as the next episode! A whole month of Tim Burton!

Beetlejuice is a 1988 comedy/horror film by the infamous Tim Burton.   It tells the story of a young married couple who die and  are stuck haunting their former home.   Yuppies buy their house, the ghost couple want them out, and wackyness ensues! There’s also a creepy and disgusting  pedophile Micheal Keaton who wants to marry a super emo teenaged Winoa Ryder.

This is one of our shorter episodes, but eh, sometimes you don’t know if a movie will make a great podcast until you try.


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6 thoughts on “Beetlejuice

  1. Fact: Their was a planned sequel back in, like, 1991 (maybe ’92 or ’93?)… based in Hawaii. They had a script, Keaton and Ryder agreed to do it, but it never got past that stage. Kevin Smith was asked to look at the script for a possible rewrite, but instead worked on what eventually became Superman Returns.

    Also, why was I called out? I don’t watch 30 Rock. And I’m not a huge fan of the Baldwins.

    • We were making a joke ’cause Mel told me you correct her at work about stuff we said on the podcast.

      I thought I took that part out though. So this could also be a result of my crappy editing.

  2. Hey Ladies wonderful podcast as always even if you think its crappy its not really. I have a little experience in the editing dept. not much just audio. and it really wasn’t that bad Kasey.

    Anyways lovely of you to add more stuff that I mention on occasion I really must give you better things to view think its time to nick some of my dads vhs again hehhe (what he never watches them) but I have been sucked into the anime world again so I’m a little rusty on fantasy.

    But yes yes Tim Burton Thank you so so much for the movies I love corspe bride I remember when it came out in theaters I saw it at the midnight showing. Good stuff good stuff.

    Oh and Kasey thank you for the box full of anime that you sent I am almost done with the whole box Midori Days was cute.

    But yes yes thank you ladies as always on awesome movies for me to watch.

  3. Yay, Beetlejuice! I love that movie and I always watched the cartoon back in the day. Too bad you two didn’t really talk much about the character himself.

    And I’m totally excited about your upcoming Corpse Bride review. I’m surprised you didn’t pick The Nightmare Before Christmas though. Too obvious a choice or are you saving that for Christmas?

    @Melanie: Cherubs AND clown wallpaper? As if one of those wasn’t bad enough. What deranged individuals used to live in your house before you?

    • Yeah, we’re saving The Nightmare before Christmas for December. I’m hoping to do two Christmas movies that month (I haven’t decided what the other one will be yet).

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