Avatar: The Legend of Korra Season One

Avatar: The Legend of Korra is a 2012 American animated series that is a direct sequel to the series Avatar: The Last Airbender. The Legend of Korra is set 70 years after the last series and the world is very different.  Medevil technology has been replaced by an industrial revolution filled with cars, streetlamps and even mass media.  The world even has a new avatar: Korra, a young woman from the water bending tribe.

In this episode we dicuss the first 13 episodes of Legend of Korra which constitutes the shows first season.  It felt like it was the show’s entire run, but it has since been confirmed that it will have another season.

You get the most out of this show if you’ve seen Avatar: The Last Airbender but it’s not required. The show can definitly stand on its own merits.  Korra, the show’s protagonist, is an awesome female character.  Heck, even her character design is awesome.  How often do you get a female character with drawn arm muscles without them being some kind of parody?  Korra looks like someone who has been trained since she was small to fight.  Her personality is great and a fun contrast to Aang’s passifism.

The creators excelled at world building in the last series and they reach new heights in this one. This is a world that is so well realized it feels like it would really work.  The effects of the industrial revolution are well integrated within the existing world.  For instance, the world now has electricity, but their power stations are fend with lightning bending.  Amusingly, lightning bending is not the stuff of legends it was in the previous series.  They must now teach it in schools.  Similiarly, Toph has went forth and taught the secret of metal bending which is now used by the police.

Some of the side characters characterization suffers from the low episode count of the first season.  Mako and Bolen, Korra’s best friends, rely a bit too much on a few key personality quirks.  Furthermore, the last two episodes of the series feel REALLY rushed.  But overall, the series was fantastic and everyone should try it out especially fans of the previous series.


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4 thoughts on “Avatar: The Legend of Korra Season One

  1. Yay, the Korra episode is here. I’m glad to see that you two enjoyed the show more than I did, but also pointed out the flaws it had. I have to say I was rather disappointed in how the series wrapped up and I even listed all the stuff that bothered me at my LJ. Short version: the whole ending was rushed with Korra getting airbending and the Avatar state being handed to her; the benders vs. non-benders stuff is not really taken seriously; characters aren’t really developed and the love story between Korra and Mako sucked.

    Since Bryke said that each season will have a new threat, I don’t think they will properly deal with the issue of the non-benders being oppressed. After all, originally season 1 was all we were going to get and season 2 will now have Korra dealing with unrest in the spirit world. BTW, unlike The Last Airbender, Korra was written by Bryke all by themselves with probably explains a lot of the issues with pacing and such. Thankfully there will be other writers joining them for the next season.

    Anyway, great episodes, keep them coming.

    PS: The jingle for the feedback portion starts to early and drowns out the last thing Kasey said, you should probably fix that.

    • Thanks for letting me know about the error in the episode. It has since been corrected and reuploaded.

      I’m not really a Korra/Mako fan either. I would have preferred if he had stayed with Asami. Having Korra not end up with the guy in the end would have been much more interesting…

      I hope they don’t drop the bender vs non bender storyline. Maybe the unrest in the spirit world has to do with the lessening of respect people are showing spiritual issues now that technology is coming to the forefront? Non benders are able to stand more eveningly with the benders so bending is less a mystical force? Okay I’m reaching a bit. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

  2. Hey, guys. Don’t know if you remember me, but I’ve finally found your podcast again (I completely forgot what it was called and didn’t remember until yesterday or something.) This episode was really entertaining to listen to, and it was fun to hear from you guys again. I loved Legend of Korra, though it does have pacing problems (but the overall awesome made up for it.) I think there was a lot of shuffling on whether they’d get another series or not, and that they ended up having to split what was originally supposed to be a 28 episode series into two seasons, which I think accounts for some of it.
    I’m hearing some awesome stuff on the next season (and yes, it seems that Korra will be going into the Spirit World) and I can’t wait to see it :)
    I’ll try to keep up with the podcast this time around. Meanwhile, I’ve got a backlog of your awesome to listen to.
    Cheers 😉

    • Wow, hi Sylvia! I thought we had lost you as a viewer forever! I better get off my butt and edit a new episode before you catch up. lol The wait for season two of Legend of Korra is going to seem really long…

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