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The Addams Family Values is a 1993 sequel to the 1991 Addams Family film. All of the actors from the previous film reprise their roles plus there’s a brand new Addams baby. The Addams new baby is a dark haired chubby cheeked baby boy that is somehow born with a mustache. In addition, a buxom blond serial killer, played by Joan Cusak, is after Uncle Fester’s life and money. The Addams also make the mistake of sending Wednesday and Pugsley to summer camp. Stuff gets set on fire.

This is a shorter episode than normal. We recorded an hour of podcast, but I guess twenty minutes of that was just us going ‘uhhhhh, ummmm’. This is a great movie that surpasses the first movie. This is one of the rare instances that a sequel is better than the original. The extremely sturdy baby is a hilarious edition and all of the actors bring their A game. The casting is so perfect. Christini Ricci definitely steals the show though as Wednesday Addams. The camp play her and Pugsley are in is the thing of legends. There’s some great satire hidden in here too along with all of the morbidly hilarious jokes. If you liked the last Addams Family movie you”ll love this one.

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5 thoughts on “Addams Family Values

  1. Sorry for not leaving a comment on the last episode, but I still haven’t seen any episodes of Merlin, so I turned it off after about ten minutes since I had no clue what you were talking about. I guess I just don’t have any interest in live-action shows these days.
    Anyway, I was so happy to see you reviewed this movie so quickly after doing the first one. And I also liked this one better than the first because of Wednesday. I think Joel would have managed to fit in with the Addams (if Wednesday didn’t kill him first), he already got a little mustache at the end.
    I wonder what a real third Addams Family movie would have been like (that TV abomination doesn’t count). I would have loved to see a movie about a teenage Wednesday and Pugsley (who was actually called Pubert when he was first created) going to high school.

    • It’s okay. The Merlin episode was pretty popular in the downloads but not popular at all in the comments. I figured it was probably pretty niche though. I mostly just wanted to talk about it! lol

      He did manage to get a little moustache at the end. Maybe he was able to get some Addams energy just from that one kiss. An Addams Family movie with Wednesday and Pugsley in Junior High would have been so epic. Cheerleaders would never know peace again. XD Wednesday doing highschool sattire would have wrote itself.

  2. yet another episode about sexy christina ricci made before we were allowed to think she was sexy, or, to sound less like a pedophile, before she was sexy.

    it’s been awhile since i’d seen this movie, or the first one for that matter, so i’m gonna have to marathon them someday.

    you pretty much said everything i can think to say about this movie, maybe i’ll have more to say after rewatching them, so i’m just going to leave it at that.

    blah blah blah

    • You should marathon them, they make good rewatches. I gave an anime dvd to Melanie to give to you at work. It’s not the best anime has to offer, but it’s a fun and interesting watch.

      Christini Ricci is pretty, imho. I think she as prettiest when she was in Sleepy Hollow. Blonde hair matches her pale complexion well.

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