My Little Pony: Friendship is *&%^&$* Magic!

Today we’re going to talk about My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic instead of Scott Pilgrim because Charlie did not show up to podcast with us.  So instead we’re going to inflict ponies upon you.  This episode is chocked so full of magical talking ponies, love, friendship, and happiness that it’s like a giant candy coated plague that makes you smile so hard your face stays that way forever and little children point and laugh at you as you walk down the street and you never ever get a date again and live in lonely abject misery where even that weird guy down the street who is obsessed with paper cups won’t talk to you and when you gaze into the mirror at the horror your visage has now become you say to yourself “DAMN YOU FANTASY MOVIE PODCAST! DAMN YOU ALL TO HELL!”

That’s what this episode is about.  Enjoy.

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2 thoughts on “My Little Pony: Friendship is *&%^&$* Magic!

  1. Fuck yeah, My Little Pony! I admit, I’m a fan of the show and collect the ponies. Like Melanie I didn’t like the old show, but the new one is really good. This one has actual characters with personalities. My favorite is probably Fluttershy, closely followed by Applejack.

    As for why Celestia is a princess and not a queen, it is as Kasey said, Hasbro insisted on the Princess title, Lauren Faust wanted her to be a queen. And the toy stores like Toys’R Us insisted that her toy should be pink, because girls apparently only like pink things. Which is totally stupid since not all ponies are pink and Rarity and Sweetie Belle are white and so are their toys.

    As for the whole Bronies thing, while they can be kind of obnoxious at times, I’m glad it exist. For once men embrace something girly and feminine instead of equating it with being silly, pointless and stupid.

    • Thanks for the comments Tora chan! It’s too bad some of the toys don’t look like their show counterparts. I just know there’s some disappointed kids out there who think they’re parents bought the wrong toy! Not to mention the parents who were told to look for a “white and rainbow pony” and can’t find it anywhere. lol

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