Labyrinth Movie PosterOur first podcast ever! Today we’re going over the 1986 Fantasy movie directed by Jim Henson, The Labyrinth.   This is one of our favorite movies of all time, so it’s a good fit to be our first episode.   Listen to us discuss the movie’s themes, symbolism, and the effect of David Bowe’s bulge on our developing psyches.

This was our first podcast and the audio quality is not so great. Please, don’t give up on us quite yet. I did eventually figure out what all of these knobs and buttons actually do in subsequent podcasts; more or less.


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Episode Index

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53. Princess Mononoke
52. Merlin Season 5
51. Feedback June 2013
50. Hercules the Legendary Journeys
49. Doctor Who
48. Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World
47. Avatar: The Legend of Korra
46. Once Upon a Time: Season One
45. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
44. Snow White and the Huntsman”
43. Eragon
42. Beauty and the Beast (Disney)
41. The Hobbit (1977)
40. Addams Family Values
39. Merlin (TV Series) Season 3 – 4
38. Anime Talk
37. Tinman
36. Sleepy Hollow
35. The Addams Family
34.  Legend
33.  League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
32.  Tangled
31. Stardust
30.  Sanctuary (TV Series)
29.  Merlin (TV Series) Season 1 – 2
28.  Coraline
27.  Dragon Age *SPECIAL*
26.  The 10th Kingdom
25. Groundhog Day
24. Red Sonja
23. The Nightmare Before Christmas
22. Escaflowne
21. The Corpse Bride
20. . Beetlejuice
19. The Princess Bride
18. The Last Unicorn
17.   Indie Comics Special   *SPECIAL*
16.   Howl’s Moving Castle
15.   Ranma 1/2
14.  Haruhi Suzumiya
13.  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
12.  The Dark Crystal
11.  The Neverending Story
10.    Slayers Next
09.  Willow
08.  Slayers
07.  Skulduggery Pleasant
06.   The Secret of NIMH
05.  Hook
04.  Soul Eater
03.  Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer
02.  Fanfiction  *SPECIAL*
01.  Labyrinth

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The Hosts


Kasey is a thirty something long time anime fan and all around lady geek.  She’s been an anime fan for over twenty years and has seen some interesting highs and lows throughout the fandom.  She has been a fantasy fan all her life and was allowed to watch The Last Unicorn so many times as a child that it might count as child abuse.  As a fan of video games, fantasy books, anime, manga, superhero comics (go Deadpool and Booster Gold!), former Star Wars fan, and reluctant fan of Star Trek she’s an all around geek.  Kasey has a degree in Communications and so is not even remotely qualified to talk about fantasy movies with any kind of authority.  She’s also the main producer of the podcast which she isn’t qualified to do either.


–  Melanie has been Kasey’s friend since high school and has agreed to periodically watch stupid movies and review them on the podcast all in the name of friendship.  She studied video game design in college so she can say lots of smart stuff about computer graphics that often confuses Kasey in its smartness.  She’s been an anime fan since high school, including an active member of the yaoi fangirl community.  She’s an artist at heart who draws what she feels in her soul, or something like that.